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Disclaimer Plugin
This is a Disclaimer Plugin
author: Anurag
(10 votes)
Watermark Plugin
This will allow imageTTFtext watermark on images files(requires gd lib installed)
author: Sahzada (Sanjay)
(20 votes)
Vserv Ad Plugin
this is a vserv ad plugin to show vserv ads
author: Shivam Chawla
(7 votes)
Video Plugin
This will allow preview on video files(requires ffmpeg installed)
author: ionutvmi
(16 votes)
Top Files Plugin
This will display the top files on your site
author: ionutvmi
(11 votes)
Make Change Text Style
Its Kind of make Change Your Text in many style .
author: kopilakash
(15 votes)
ADD SMS Grabber
This will add New Sms Grabber in Extra menu In Ur Home page
author: Sombir redhu
(6 votes)
Site ScreenShotter Plugin v2
By these plugin screenshot will be created by your site,It will not depend on other site
author: Sathwik SK
(11 votes)
Scan Plugin
This will scan the folders and add the new files in your database
author: ionutvmi
(11 votes)
Rename File JAR to ZIP
Rename file jar menu in url home
Rename to:

author: Nurkuzt
(10 votes)
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