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Hello, I'm glad you decided to learn how to make plugins for master autoindex.
You will find by reading this documentation that plugins are very easy to build and in the same time very powerful. Also with this power in your hands you will be able to do anything and I do mean anything.
Alright then lets get started. When you start makeing a plugin the first thing that you have to choose is the name. Why is the name so important ? When master autoindex reads the plugins installed he will check the /plugins forlder for files that look like this <name>_plugin.php where <name> is the name of the plugin. If you have a look inside your plugins folder you should see some files in there following that rule. The name must be unique so it won't overlap with other plugins. That name will also be used in function names.
To be easier to understand on the rest of this documentation in examples we will use the <name> demo.
Ok so we now have the name of our plugin demo now lets make a file for it.
So we open the /plugins and we create a new file demo_plugin.php.
Good we are over the hard part now all we have to do is fill the plugin with some content.
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Mihai Ionut Vilcu ([email protected]) Feb - 2013