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they do involving around that game that particular day. It was interesting just to se
01-21-2020, 05:25 AM,
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they do involving around that game that particular day. It was interesting just to se
One ESPN analyst is fully on board with the Lions’ offseason plan."It’s the offseason Womens Taylor Decker Jersey , which usually means pent-up anger from Detroit Lions fans as NFL analysts make predictions that either overlook the Lions or openly insult them.Well, you can put away the pitchfork for this one. A panel of eight ESPN NFL experts offered their opinions on Monday as to the most improved team this offseason. One brave analyst, ESPN fantasy writer Mike Clay, chose the Detroit Lions.“General manager Bob Quinn has quietly done a nice job filling voids on Detroit’s roster over the past few months,” Clay wrote. “Those moves included revamping the tight end position with Jesse James and first-round pick T.J. Hockenson, upgrading with Trey Flowers on the edge of the front seven, overhauling cornerback behind Darius Slay by signing Rashaan Melvin and Justin Coleman, and adding Day 2 talent at linebacker (Jahlani Tavai) and safety (Will Harris).”That’s a pretty thorough recap of the Lions’ offseason strategy, and one we’re not really accustomed to seeing from a national outlet. The only major point Clay misses is the changing of offensive coordinators, which could honestly be viewed as a positive or negative. Obviously, it seemed it was time to move on from Jim Bob Cooter, but the transition to a new offense isn’t likely to click immediately. But Clay doesn’t stop there. He thinks the Lions have improved enough to potentially capture their first division title in decades.“Every year there is a team that goes from last to first in its division, and the Lions have a shot to be that team in a wide-open NFC North.”Well, I guess it’s no longer Detroit vs. Everybody. Trey Flowers will likely be a cornerstone of the Detroit Lions team for the foreseeable future. Back in March Taylor Decker Jersey White , Flowers signed a five-year, $90 million deal that will keep him part of this organization for quite some time. So we should probably take some time to get to know him as a person.Flowers is a soft-spoken, lead-by-example type of guy, but he won’t hesitate to carve out a few extra minutes of his day to answer your questions. So this week, I pulled him aside so that I could ask him a bunch of fan-submitted questions about food, TV, his NFL experience, and his family.Check it out.The Sandlot, Mighty Ducks or Space Jam?”Space Jam.”Why Space Jam?”It’s Jordan, you know. Looney Tunes, they had the cartoons, Looney Tunes in it.Sandlot was cool too, though. It was a neighborhood movie, you know Quandre Diggs Jersey White , the gang in the neighborhood. Space Jam just, I don’t know, just had the Looney Tunes in it.”Boston or Detroit pizza?”I don’t even know, man. I don’t even (mess) with pizza with like that. Not enough to know like--It’s whatever. I ain’t really ever had none that’s like, “Oh, this is amazing.” Have you had Detroit-style yet? Have you gone to Buddy’s?”I think I went to Buddy’s. I don’t know if I had the Detroit-style or not. I know what you’re talking about, but nah. But, you know, pizza is pizza.”Boston Clam Chowder or Detroit coney dog?”To be honest, I haven’t tried neither one. I don’t eat seafood like that, so that clam chowder? Nah. And the coney, I don’t know, I have been to a lot of Coney Islands, I always get something different. I don’t know why , I just ain’t never got it.”Favorite Detroit food spot?”There’s this place called Happy’s Pizza. It’s pretty good. They got wings, I like their wings.”Best play from an NFL teammate?”My man Golladay, he’s been making some crazy catches.”Any one in particular?”That one, I don’t know who we were playing, he did that toe-tap, he got that toe in, they had to review it. That might have been Kansas City.”Yeah, it might be, yeah.”`It was at home, right? ”Yeah it was at home for sure. He done make some crazy catches. And Marv, too, I know Marv particular one at the Raiders, he kinda was like that. Toughest part of the draft process? Most nerve-wracking?”I feel like the Combine. I think preparing for the Combine, because I ain’t know what to expect Austin Bryant Jersey 2019 , and you hear all the stories and hear how hectic it will be. Obviously you want to do good. (It’s) the biggest interview of your life, all that. So I think just preparing for the Combine was toughest.Non-sports hobbies?”I play Roblox with my daughter on the iPad. So I just picked that up. I really just be hanging, chilling with family and doing fun stuff like that.”Favorite streaming service? ”Only thing I got is Netflix right now. Oh, I got Amazon, but I really just be watching cable and movies. Netflix, I get hooked on a few shows on Netflix. So I’ll go with Netflix.”What Netflix shows?”Ozark, that was like last year. Narcos. I was full up in that. Stuff like that.”What was your first Thanksgiving Day game experience like?”It was alright. Wish we could have won, but it was something just to see the history behind it and know how much they do involving around that game that particular day. It was interesting just to see all the hype around it, the parade, the history and things like that.”Are you looking forward to being part of the Thanksgiving tradition for the forthcoming years?”Yeah, it was dope. To have it at home and have your mama come in and cook, that was extra. It was good to have the family here and things like that. Family and football, it’s kind of tied in together. So I’m looking forward to it.”What/who is your biggest motivator in life?”I would probably say my kids. I got two daughters. That’s what I think about as far as every decision I make in life. Regardless of if it’s just working out or if I’m representing myself, I know that I got two kids looking up to me Color Rush Austin Bryant Jersey , expecting me to be my best and be the best person I am.”Favorite part about Detroit so far?”I got a few family members here. I been here quite a few times. I feel just the upbringing, as far as, it growing. It’s developing. And then, it’s just a hard-working town. It thrives itself on hard work. It built itself to be the Motor City. I think just that history and culture along, as (well as) hard working, go to work, put-your-hard-hat-on type of style. It’s pretty cool to see the developing product. You can draw a lot of comparisons to this team right now, I bet. ”Yeah, definitely. We’re working hard. It’s disappointing at times, obviously, not getting wins, but we understand it’s a much bigger purpose. We working hard towards it, and we’re looking for the finished product. We’re looking for the developing product.”

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