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tairs to play. Wh
10-07-2019, 06:10 AM,
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tairs to play. Wh
Everyone has his own friends, people or things. In the "hardship" process of making friends with him, there must be an experience that bothers you! Of course, I am also. I also have my own good friend - text. I am very deep in the process of making friends with it. In the past, my words were always twisted and twisted. I didn��t look like it. Every time the teacher changed to my homework, I always shook my head and said, ��When can the young sapling stand up!�� Finally, one day, my mother can��t stand it. Then, grab me and go outside the door - go to the calligraphy class Parliament Cigarettes. In the first class, the teacher asked us to practice for a few minutes. As soon as I got the pen, I immediately rushed to the paper, and I showed my talents. The words I wrote were really "Dragon and Phoenix Dance." After the teacher met, he smiled and said: "When writing a good word, you must first make a friend with the word. You have patience with it. It will be different for you." After the lecture, the teacher demonstrated it several times. After finishing the class, the teacher arranged the homework and let us go back. When I got home, I lost my calligraphy bag and felt like I had finished a big event. I was happy to go downstairs to play. When my mother saw it, I immediately pulled me and said, "Give me a word! When you write it, I will let you play!" After listening to it, I went back to the room with a sad face, picked up the pen and paper, and quickly wrote it. . After a while, I suddenly found out that the words I wrote were still "strange" and slanted, without a word. I couldn't help but shook my head and said, "This text is completely out of my reach!" But suddenly I remembered the two words "patience" that the teacher said. I understand that there is no patience and care in the process of writing. Just write two words and finish it. You are not good at the word Carton Of Cigarettes. Why should the word be good to you? I suddenly realized that I slowly wrote it Newport 100S, concentrated on it, and seriously, there is only one goal in my heart: I want to be friends with words! After a long time, I compared the finished one with the previous one, and the word seems to have begun to accept me. I was overjoyed, once again strengthened this goal and was more patient with the text. Of course, the words written are constantly improving. Finally, with my unremitting efforts, I have made good friends with the text. I am serious about it, and it is getting more and more beautiful. In the teacher's mouth, "small saplings that are not standing straight" are now standing up! I am very happy because I have a good friend - text
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