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stairs to watch TV. Afte
11-04-2019, 04:16 AM,
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stairs to watch TV. Afte
It, a white hair, is like a small life born in a snowdrift. Two jewel-like eyes are stunned The black nose is like a glue. The black cherry is always in the mouth. Extend your long tongue Parliament Cigarettes. Coupled with the flexible ears from time to time to fan a few times, it is really a dog! It stared at me carefully with its big, cute eyes, and then walked over to me, and I looked at it for a long time. While accompanying him on the side of the road waiting for the host who had just left because of the quarrel, playing with it, dozens of minutes passed, but they did not appear, I was both happy and embarrassed, how can I bear to throw it on the road What about? I decided to leave my number with the opposite grocery store owner so that his owner could come back to find it. It��s cold, I will take it home first! I am excited to pick it up, it does not resist, my heart is beautiful, we are so close, will definitely get along very happy! Although I am only taking care of it for the time being. But of course a beautiful puppy, I have to give it a nice name! Um... Look at the hair on the head of the flower, and roll it up, it��s called "Flower"! I was conquered by its beauty and went home. I looked around. It seemed a bit unhappy. I started to wander around, and the east was overturned, and it was not heard. I was so anxious, what to do, my mom came back. Dear flower roll, how is it naughty! It may not be suitable for the new environment! I thought about it, I just walked away and let it slowly get familiar with it. So I went to write homework, because I couldn't resist curiosity, I didn't take long to sneak up and look at it. bad! My clothes were smashed from the bed and bitten in my mouth, so I ran out and pulled out to see if it was torn. Then it immediately went down to the bottom of the bed. Humph! I'm furious. How can it be so unscrupulous, I patiently said to it: "Flower rolls, Hanamaki, this is the sister's clothes are not eaten, can not bite!" It still hides inside. Then I took things and clothes, and went out to write homework. After a while I opened the door and looked at it. Oh, my God, it��s holding my shoes! What should I do, seeing me go forward, it puts down the shoes. Looking at me dumbly, I really want to smoke it a few times, but it looks so cute, how can I bear to start? I was conquered by its naughty. In the next few days, its owner did not have any news. I spent the helplessness and laughter. It��s cold, I��m thinking about making a little warmth for the little things. I started happily, and I was busy for a long time and finally got it. The little thing looked very satisfied with the small nest, then he jumped his tail and jumped in. I also triumphantly went upstairs to watch TV. After a long time, the door "squatted" a few times, I knew that my mother came back, so I went downstairs. My mother saw a lot of "water" in the ground, and when I saw it, it was the urine of the flower roll. My mother seemed to see some signs, and then looked at it with angry eyes. What surprised people was that it was like a person. Like the front foot, the hind foot followed the dull ground and rolled at the mother's feet. Is it rushing at the mother? Mother was conquered by its cuteness, and no longer blamed it. It just stood up and found that I was looking at it with anger, and it ran to my front to do the repetitive movements Marlboro Red. I don't want to eat this one! I closed the door and prevented it from going upstairs, but it rushed up. The weather is really cold and cool. In a short while, it dragged its "bed" downstairs, put the "bed" at the door, and lay quietly on it. I was conquered by its cleverness. Just as I was slowly conquered by it, one day it disappeared and disappeared. So I rushed to the grocery store and asked the boss if his owner had come. The boss recalled that he did not. I was red-eyed and guessed that if its owner took it away, it must have been taken away by the bad guys. Sad, lost, and surrounded me for a long time. My heart left a scar, and since then, I loved every little life around me very preciously.
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RE: stairs to watch TV. Afte
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RE: stairs to watch TV. Afte
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