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06-08-2018, 05:06 PM,
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The script that was on on 31-08-2017, plus some changes. It is forbidden to sell it, or to install it in the opposite direction! The database has over 8 MB, because it has all the insertions in the tables: biblia_carti, biblia_texte, biblia_titluri, biblia_trimiteri, lista_identitati, localities countries; but there is also a base with only one line inserted in the above mentioned tables, the base that has the name of the database_make_date. Initially, two users are named admin (ID1) and Administrator (ID2), with the admin password, users who have owner permissions, and are also validated. In the event of installation errors, other script errors, or if you fail to upload the database, please contact: +40741476860, email address [email protected], or the messenger ID bordanc_nicu Membership notifications come from those who act, and those that strictly belong to the site, from the robot ID set in config.php. It has SEO-optimized links, and XML sitemaps that automatically send to Google and Bing every day. It has a more complex system of sitemaps, generating valid sitemaps in the xml, txt, rss and (experimental) html formats. It has implemented MySQLi as a way to connect to the database because in the version of PHP 7.0.0 the old database connections used in Lavalair have been removed and the variable to be defined in functions as global for connecting to MSQL is "$ conn". The "$ domain_static" variable was left in the script, because removing it would have been rather cumbersome. This variable is used to help load static resources using multiple subdomains, and at there are three subdomains for this: - directs to / and is used for dynamic resources, such as bulletin boards and counter - directs to / img / - directs to / img / and are used for static resources. In script were defined to direct without subdomains, and for whom they want, I provide explanations regarding the use of this facility. Links to static files by subdomain have been noted in the manifest.appcache file. Installation and configuration details: For running it is necessary that the server that comes with this script runs PHP version 7.1.0 or later, and Apache with Mod_Rewrite module. In php, extensions must also be enabled: - mysqli (for connection to the database), - mbstring (for special character processing, for example, diacriticals), - gd (to change the size of certain logos, and to write the name of the site on pictures), - intl (for the Whois menu). After loading the script on the server, the first step is to fill out the variables in config.php. After filling out the variables in config.php, the bigdump.php file must be called to import the database. After successfully importing one of the databases, you must call the install.php file, the file that makes the following changes: 1. Change the visitor's offline identity from ID 4 to ID 0, 2. Change the name of Robot site, replacing the site name in the config. 3. Delete folder "update_date_07-04-2017_la_31-08-2017". 4. Delete the update.php file. 5. Delete the base_de_date.sql file. 6. Delete the base_de_date_mica.sql file. 7. Delete the bigdump.php file. 8. Delete the install.php file. The following images that are customized with the site name must be edited: /img/counter.png used to display bottom index statistics, /img/favicon.ico the image to display in your browser's history or bookmarks, /img/logines/logo.png site logo, /img/logo_poze/mare.png /img/logo_poze/mic.png /img/logo_poze/mij.png /img/logo_poze/thumb.png used to print the site name on the pictures. The site name must also be modified from robots.txt (lines 3, 4, 5 and 6) and .htaccess (lines 9, 10, 11, 13, 14 and 146). If use with an SSL certificate is desired, replace "http: //" with the text "https: //" in the following files as follows: - .htaccess - Line 14, but lines 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 are also decomposed - config.php - Lines 3 and 7 - robots.txt - Lines 3, 4, 5 and 6 for a simple certificate (DV); also replaces http: // with "https: //" and the config.php file, line 8 for valid certificate, and for subdomains. The Meditation of the Day, Christian Resources, rotate the picture and invite friends, as well as facilities from the files: f_blocat, fun (from the seo function), f_filtru_bb. The definitions of the $ head [1] and $ head [2] variables, as well as link tags' rel = "nofollow", have been removed. You can use Google Analytics features, so you need to open it

download script
03-19-2020, 12:10 PM,
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RE: script
Here I have a question why they have changed to buy assignment uk script and what’s the dilemma in it? Why they have removed all the related content. This is the big question that will be raised soon by others as well.
09-10-2020, 06:23 PM,
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RE: script
I love reading thomas merton essays. All of the essays are very cognitive and informative. I can spend a whole day reading them when I am not busy. Those essays are more interesting for me than books.
10-02-2020, 12:53 PM,
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RE: script
I want to thank the person who created such a good app. It has helped me a lot in my current job.
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