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rew up, and the skir
09-19-2019, 11:09 AM,
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rew up, and the skir
The sun shone through the streets and through the windows and into the house. Under the sun, it is a photo. In the photo, a young girl standing on the green grass, under the blue sky and white clouds Online Cigarettes, she is at ease, facing the camera, the tip of the hair flies with the wind, revealing the smile of missing the two front teeth, I still When I lack two front teeth, I like to play carefree with my friends. We played on the green grass, caught in the woods, watched the fish in the water swim Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and listened to the sweet birds to relax. I don't know when, I can't do it anymore, I can't understand the simple happiness of the past. I still remember that when I still lack two front teeth, I have every girl who owns it. Princess dream. I like to wear a variety of princess dresses. I like to collect Barbie dolls full of cabinets. I like to turn everything around me into pink. I like to use a so-called magic wand to scream and transform my spell. I grew up, and the skirt in the closet turned into a pair of tops, and the Barbie in the cupboard became a book, a model, and more colors became black and white, that root. The magic wand that symbolizes childhood does not know where it was thrown. My pink time is my exclusive memory. I remember more, when I still lack two front teeth, my little world is more happy and simple. I will be excited about the hand-to-hand toy, and I will be happy for the arrival of Santa Claus. For a small piece of chocolate, I will not hesitate to sell it, and I will be very excited for the customs clearance of the game. At that time, I would simply think that the white clouds in the sky are marshmallows that can be eaten, and I will innocently believe in the magic and legend in fairy tales. At that time, I could go all the way to the streets and didn't know what was tired. I could also be sweetened to the bottom of my heart by a little candy... But those have become the past. Now that I have grown up, I can no longer hold the dolls and mischief, and I will never be happy for some trivial things. There are still two missing front teeth, faint in the passing time, in the silent time, we grow up slowly. Going to the corner full of childlikeness, I laughed. I saw me at that time, a me who still lacks two front teeth, a naive, simple me. Every past is a warm memory. When I still lack two front teeth, it is my childhood, the happiest time of my life, and the deepest memories of my mind
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