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premium custom made youtube downloader script with watermark and more
11-03-2019, 03:50 AM, (This post was last modified: 11-03-2019, 04:28 AM by lovebirds143.)
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premium custom made youtube downloader script with watermark and more

I am selling premium custom youtube downloader script made from scratch.

You can download videos in various formats like 720p,480p,360p and mp3 and more.  it has all features like normal script does.
Here are the All small and premium features list.

User can download videos from two servers. one is from google api server and another is from local server with your site
watermark name.
- when user click on download link video will be download to local server and converted automatically with your watermark.
then available for download
-you can offer them all type of video sizes and quality everything you can manage in your server for conversation.
-you can enable or disable conversation mode in back end and you can only offer them direct youtube download links also
-you can show them both server links or only one with all formats

-And about conversation Quality you can decide Bitrate, Video Resolution, Your Watermark logo and video format. everything   automated only
-All videos Will be checked with converter and automatically CROPS Black Bars of the video. its an awesome feature. see below example. for videos i will show live examples when u contact me

With Black Bars==

Without Black Bars Example for only those who dont know meant by black bars

You can offer them only video songs or till some duration. if you give 5mins in backend people can only convert under 5 mins videos. then greater than 5 mins videos will be downloaded from google api only.

-you can Block BAD Words,adult related videos from by google by providing some keywords in a text file then those keywords will be blocked

-So videos Converted into desired format,bitrate,resolution ,Black bars removed,watermarked and finally available with good clarity.
- when people searched a keyword , when user downloaded a video, every url copied into sitemap and automatically ping into google search engine live.

- Youtube video description,keywords, Views,Likes,dislikes every data can be copied into our system CACHE. even youtube delete that video you will still be with you.

-you can hide Video download links for pc users and show only video player link and for mobile user you can offer download links.
- social network integration people can share,like on any video.

-clickable keywords,related videos links,Chanel playlists, everything available . you can limit how many videos you want to show in a page, how many relative videos you want to show them you can setup.

-Recent Downloads, Top Downloads,Recent Searches, Recent Downloads on main page

-Thumbnails alt text,meta titles,titles,description,keywords everything you can modify as per your SEO knowledge for higher traffic from google

-SEO friendly Urls and many other features

-And some Snipsets where you can grab videos to your server whole playlists and many more

Sorry For Lengthy explanation about the script. I am not Good in writing
Interested people only message me  : m a d i . w e b z @ g m a i l . com

Interested People Ping me for price and live demo


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