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originally known as Shipster's Paddock
09-12-2019, 10:33 AM,
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originally known as Shipster's Paddock
And perhaps his "form drop" in district cricket can be best illustrated with reference to the average number of innings he took per century. He peeled them off at better than one hundred every three innings in Test cricket, compared to 14 tons in 46 (one every 3.2) district cricket innings. Perhaps he was an early example of the big-game player?

Kensington Oval, originally known as Shipster's Paddock, was once owned by a local private school, and for decades was used as an athletics track-and-field venue. It provides the viewer a choice of the quaint old-time sophistication of the Rex and Basil Sellers Stand, or perhaps the gentility of picnicking on the mounded and gum-tree-studded surrounds while spectating.

KCC are known as "The Browns" (the name creatively derived from their brown caps). And the caps might possibly and unsurprisingly be referred to by the players as a baggy brown? Similar to every second Australian team of any age or ability who baggify their caps (without milliner approval, mind you). But I wouldn't know about the coveted Down Under baggy experience - I'm a collar-up, long-shirt-donning, wide-brimmed-hat wearer, you see.

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