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not flick
08-08-2019, 05:44 AM,
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not flick
not flick", the boy stopped crying after listening: What happens to the man at this time? "Sneak back, can't tell mom." The two smiled and moved home. That is my memory of eight years old. It is the first time that I and my brother picked the lotus and the last time. And the lotus that I picked up and returned home, I not only did not retain the goodness of the points, but saw the end of a life, from the original beautiful and slowly to the withering, from the initial vitality, slowly wilting until the appreciation . Everything has a life, every life has a regularity. Although I know that I will not pick it, it will die with the ever-changing environment and natural laws, but I can��t let it go. I broke its survival dependence, if everything I can talk, it will definitely resist my stupid behavior, and I will not die alone in this lonely loneliness. Later, after learning Zhou Dunyi��s "Love Lotus", there is no longer any idea of ??picking lotus. Maybe I feel that I have married a beautiful fairy. Perhaps, I can��t forget the sadness that fades day after day. Water stains that have passed away. Along the bridge between the small bridges, nowadays, looking at the full pool of fragrant incense, the flowers are fragrant, and the eyes of a wave of Danqing, Zhu Hong scented, sturdy and elegant, elegant and elegant. If you are quiet, you will be light and leisurely. It is not to watch the life of a single life, and Xu Feng has passed by. Perhaps, we can't hold it, just like this water Bi Danqing, fixed in the brain, always emerge, or the soft side of the party that jumps from where it comes from. Honghu has lotus like Yaochi Xianjing, People's Park has rose It seems like a hundred flower gardens, where there are all kinds of seasonal roses Parliament Cigarettes, colorful, colorful, pink, pink, white, purple, ink, etc. They are graceful, sometimes smart and lovely, light. There are laughs, some are like Xiaojiabiyu, some are like everyone's show, some are gentle and dignified, some are sensational, some are shy, one by one, swaying in the wind, dancing, and tenderness. When we crossed the Honghu Park and arrived at the People��s Park, the visual was shocked by this large piece of red and green. The moment before, I stayed in the ethereal mirror, and the next time I felt the enthusiasm of the enthusiasm, so passionate and fascinating. I couldn't help but lick a flower, and leaned over and smelled the faint flower fragrance. The heart was like a scented spring, and it flowed through the whole body and veins. Here, the variety of various colors and colors of the rose, rose and rose is as big as a bowl, small and exquisite, the afterglow is slanting, the faint yellow scent, the red scent, the romance of the pink, the warmth of the ink, the warmth of the yellow, Bai Rujie jade. The flowers are clustered and the pieces are connected. It is like a whirlpool or even the inside of the flower Marlboro Lights. The stalks are stalked and tight, and they are closely related. There are white and red, yellow and yellow in the powder, and the brown is entangled. There are many photographers who are busy taking pictures. There are couples who are dependent on each other. The old man with yellow hair is sitting on the wooden chair. They are inconvenient to move, but they are smiling and silently enjoying the whole flower field. The image. Although we also bring a camera, but at most we can only count as a half hanging, but it is not a bad thing to shoot, at least I think that the life-like works can not keep the fresh air of the flowers, beautiful and clean, they tell With life, they can be sobbing; they tell the beauty, which represents the spring imprint Marlboro Gold. Some people say that people who raise flowers have a quiet and indifferent heart. I don��t know how to plant this large flower sea, but I Know that a person who grows flowers and loves flowers will have a super-empty state of mind. The faint scorn of flowers is their fun; the light smiles of flowers are the comfort of their hearts; if they ask which one they love the most, they can't answer because they have their own friends and are friends.
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