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nepcriket Open source live cricket score script wit demo
10-17-2016, 01:09 PM,
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nepcriket Open source live cricket score script wit demo
Hello i'm back with a new Article How to install a web scripts on web hosting. I think this is easy for Professionals but hard for beginners. So i'm writing a post on it. I know you are confused about it . I have also confused.
There are many free web hosting websites that offers free account. For beginners this is Good to learn but if you want do professional buy a paid host.
Some of Good Free hosting are : , .and some of best paid hostings are : , or anyone.

Let's Get started to MAIN points : Read the steps carefully.
Step 1 : Create account
Before we started create account on web hosting . Use this i suggest this Signup account there and open control panel

Step 2 : Find or create a script
Search online for the scripts or make yours also. For it you must have Index.php or Index.html file are necessary and script must be on .zip [zipped] I'm checking/using this script this is a music script. You can get from here

Step 3 : Log on to your Control panel.

A view of control panel

Control panel is place where you can control your website. You must log in your control panel. If you have sign uped you will get your information on your e-mail address.

Step 3 : Go to file manger

view of control panel

after log in Go to your File manger on your dashboard. You can use FTP to upload but File manager is easier. Then find Folder like "public_html" as shown in Image below

Step 4 :Upload your script

Then upload your script using uploaded by simply clicking on upload icon.Then point your folder where you have kept the script and Start uploading. and wait. Smile

Step 5: Extract the script
After uploading the script you see the .zip [zipped] script and you need to extract. To extract Simple right click on script and click on extract and wait [Extracting time depends upon how the size of script

Step 5: Completed !!!
Your script is ready to use . Check by using the domain that has provided by Host. Enjoy.

Confusion Watch video:


click here Smile

Any questions you can comment below I'm ready to help.

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