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11-05-2013, 03:19 PM,
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Exclamation Wapmaster Forum Wapmaster For.
[url=http://][/url] Site Review


1.Well johncms modded.

2.Auto wap and web features.

3.Auto URL Title Grab.

4.Forum and user rewrite URL.

4.Last forum Post With pagination At homepage.

5 Last blog post at Homepage.

6.Forum thanks and user post signatures.

7.User can edit your post any time no time restriction.

8.User can attach files from direct upload and Url Import any time.

9.Share post to social network like Facebook,Twitter and mutch more.

10.Quick Reply forum post.

11.user can share YouTube video anywhere.

12.Shout box at homepage for communicate any other user.

13.A Bot User forum Always online for Entertain user by different shout post.

14.Say welcome by bot for last user.

15.Last topic created by whom at shout box.

16.User can Indicate other user using @ symbol.

17.Personal Pm System.

18.A guest cant download file without being register at mtuner.

19.A user must at least 3 Post before download.
20.Search input box at home page for users to find anything within a second.

21.Forum statics at Homepage.

22.User Online features At Homepage.

23.User name color by rank.

24.Star rating at forum.

25.User can create A topic Directly from Homepage.

26.User can create a topic using post prefix like Hot Script Help.

27.Nice Theme For user comfort.

28.Some top forum Categories at Homepage.

29.Top user at forum with post count only for pc browser.

30.Last forum upload files for pc browser.

31.Forum journal post.

32.Count new mail at header.

33.Email Have to enter at Registration.

34.Internal Image BBcode.

35.Last forum Post by user name at top using marque only for pc user.

36.User can access there profile easily only for pc browser.

37.Last 24h User online Information.

38.User Avatar Mouse over is rotate only for pc.

39.User can See Similar topics At forum.

40.User post there code using bbcode for copy easily.

41.Php code Highlight.

42.Spoiler BBcode.

This all i Post above are Feature what user enjoying Now
Now post here your feedback about mtunes you can suggestions any new features should Use for there users Or what features from above irritate you during Use u can post Will response you. BesT Wapmaster Forum
11-05-2013, 07:15 PM,
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RE: Wapmaster Forum
lolz not best wapmaster forum, ML is best wapmaster forum
11-10-2018, 06:20 PM,
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RE: Wapmaster Forum
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11-23-2018, 06:37 PM,
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RE: Wapmaster Forum
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01-18-2019, 10:33 AM,
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RE: Wapmaster Forum
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08-23-2019, 09:44 AM,
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RE: Wapmaster Forum
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08-28-2019, 03:27 PM,
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RE: Wapmaster Forum
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