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instant keto into layers of muscle and areas
03-12-2020, 01:03 PM,
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instant keto into layers of muscle and areas
instant keto into layers of muscle and areas of my heart hasn't haven't compacted correctly and that the enormous stress that I was under after my husband died and in the business and my alcohol abuse and and things probably you know bordered or two ahead so the treatment was a hot one you noticed I was the heart first night so that kind of really seriously tense that's yeah that really kind of hits yeah and so within within about a month I had a pacemaker installed so I've got this this really cool lump in my chest which it's a defibrillator as well so if my heart stops it'll give me a job and get me going again yeah fortunate it's never done that yeah so it's kind of like a wake-up thing you know and my depression was so severe at the time I really thought you know I really didn't want a heart transplant and and my big thing was I don't deserve
03-13-2020, 12:12 PM,
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RE: instant keto into layers of muscle and areas
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