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12-27-2019, 05:14 PM,
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Bionatrol Pro Enhance The build-up of physical strength and muscle mass occurs gradually, subject to: proper selection of the training program , perfect compliance with the required performance, respect for sleep and rest, proper nutrition. If at least one of the elements does not match, all your efforts will go down the drain. It is possible that an increase in weight in the bench press is hampered by a lack of strength due to an abnormal in structure and inadequate caloric intake, especially a deficiency of proteins. This problem is particularly relevant for ectomorphs , but in general food in power sports deserves separate consideration. Improper technology also hinders progress . Consider that the technique has been worked out by many generations of athletes and coaches, so priority is given, not how quickly to master the bench press and bring it to 100 kg and above, but how to carry it out correctly so that you can take weight and more. Some instructors recommend using a Smith simulator. Perhaps, at first, this is also advisable, since the free weight is stabilized on Smith's simulator, which prevents his deviation to one side or the other. However, due to the fact that the neck moves only along a fixed trajectory, muscle mass and strength increase with the bench press more slowly than with free weight. Related article: “ Lifting dumbbells for biceps with supination ” Experts recommend using a power frame, but always with the presence of the insuring partner - only then it will be possible to lift the maximum possible weight for you and gradually increase the weight in the bench press.
02-21-2020, 11:42 AM,
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