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04-14-2019, 07:01 PM,
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Qlara Skin Cream In the winter season in your cosmetic bag must be lip balm. At home, restore the lips will help honey. Help your hair in the winter Dry hair type Do you have dandruff? Have your hair become brittle and have lost their shine? The cause was dry air. Solution to the problem. You can install a humidifier at home. Do not constantly use anti-dandruff shampoos. The elements it contains only increase the irritation of the skin. Use olive, burdock or almond oil. Oil should be applied before you wash your hair, rub a few drops into the scalp and leave for 30-40 minutes. Use air conditioners that do not need to be flushed. Remember the rule of application of air conditioning should be applied on the strands departing 5-6 cm from the roots. In this case, your hairstyle will have volume, and not seem slick. And hair will get shine on all length. Oily hair type why does hair quickly become dirty and greasy? In winter, sebum production increases. Solution to the problem the head should be washed in water, the temperature of which is approximately equal to body temperature. You can change the structure of the hair, dyed them resistant paint. Then the hair will become drier and will not get dirty so quickly. Rinse hair well after shampoo and conditioner. Do not abuse detergents. When washing your hair, use a minimum of shampoo. To frost does not hurt our hairstyle, wear a hat. Headgear should not be tight. In such a cap, blood circulation is disturbed, and this causes the hair to begin to split and fall out. Winter meals Attention to calorie According to experts, in winter the appetite increases - this is normal. By this method, we protect ourselves from stressful situations that the body fights in the cold. And the extra calories do not allow us to freeze. But do not gang up on food. In winter, we walk less, we prefer to stay in a warm house under a cozy rug ... We stop moving! This leads to the fact that extra calories are not burned; they are deposited in the sides.

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