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02-21-2020, 09:46 PM,
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To address the issue of boredom, and variety in the menu choices, there are currently twenty-four different meal plans listed on the current MRE menu, issued by the Defense Logistics Agency. This is updated frequently, and as of January 2010, the current "MRE Individual Menus List" is designated "MRE, XXVIII." According to the DLA, menu items are evaluated as to their ability to remain shelf stable and Kgx Keto nutritious after preparation and preservation in foil and plastic storage pouches, and are tested for taste and appearance by the most demanding audience, the soldiers themselves. In examining the listing, there are food items in each menu, covering the breakfast, lunch, and dinners meals, as well as a snack or two. Some menus are clearly intended for the breakfast meal, and others can easily be taken as either lunch or dinner.

[Image: 78789798789.png]
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