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10-30-2019, 12:35 PM,
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Manplus Vixea so forth so I'd recommend that you consider listening to a live consultation with me and all you do is call my office and they'll help you and show you how to join and so forth also look at the website the website has a wealth of information we'll be updating it periodically but we have a lot of before-and-after pictures that I want you to look at there's some information under the our procedures section okay that's probably the most important section and I'll go through many topics that may have may interest you ok so anyway this is the conclusion  Vixea Manplus of this video consultation hopefull was helpful and again keep in touch with us and if you have any questions you can email you can email me directly at info at Lauria medical comm info at Laurier Medical done okay hi everybody its dr. Susan and today we're going to talk about male enhancement supplements I'm hoping this recording is gonna have better sound quality and be very helpful .

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