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03-13-2020, 07:03 PM,
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Is going to the gym the only answer to getting an envious lower body? Isn't there something else that can help you get what you want? Well, gym is not the only answer and yes there is definitely something that can come to the rescue of thousands of us that suffer from heavy thighs or Total Keto Boost butt. And that is a body weight squat. Wondering what a simple squat can do? You better not go there as squats have proven to be extremely yielding when the question is about shedding pounds from your lower body. You can ask any fitness expert and he would have this answer for you. If your fitness goal is to build great legs, thighs or glutes you should do a body weight squat.If we consider the personal training market place, the majority of clients maybe want to shed a few pounds and get fit, the advanced training techniques I learnt in the second module were fantastic for me but maybe not for the average client? The nutrition section as well was based around the food pyramid, which encourages the consumption of 11 servings of bread, pasta and rice per day and five portions of vegetables, I would never in million years recommend that to a client!

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