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10-29-2019, 11:23 AM,
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The Ravens have not been coy about their plan to move forward without quarterback Joe Flacco Ugo Amadi Jersey , but the exact manner of his departure from Baltimore has yet to be determined.According to new General Manager Eric DeCosta, it will be a little bit before that question is answered. DeCosta was asked about what the team will do with Flacco during a press conference in Baltimore on Wednesday.“I think that’s an ongoing process,” DeCosta said. “The new league year starts in March. We’ll have a lot of new ideas, strategies, things that we’ll look at once March rolls around. Right now, we’re really focused on the draft and our free agency meetings which will start to take place over the next few weeks. We have discussed Joe, we’ve discussed a lot of players on the team. I think when the time comes for us to make a decision one way or the other , we will have a plan in place.”The Ravens would obviously prefer to trade Flacco and get some compensation that DeCosta can use to build up the team’s roster, but it is unclear at this point which teams might be interested in sending something Baltimore’s way. Anyone who says “tails never fails” should always remember the case of Matthew Slater.The Patriots special-teams captain believes in calling heads when it’s time to toss a coin. It paid off last Sunday in overtime against the Chiefs. It also paid off two years ago, in overtime against the Falcons.In both games, the Patriots opted to receive the opening kickoff to overtime, took the ball down the field, scored a touchdown, and won the game.Via Mike Reiss of , Slater picked up the habit from his father, Hall of Famer Jackie Slater.“Anyone who knows my family knows faith is important to us, and said, ‘God’s the head of my life, so I call heads.�? I’ve just kind of embraced it,�? the younger Slater said, according to Reiss.It has worked in two of the biggest coin tosses the league has seen , laying the foundation for the Patriots to walk off as NFL champions two years ago and AFC champions last weekend. Next Sunday, with the Patriots the visitors in Super Bowl LIII, Slater’s inevitable call of heads will determine which team controls the receive-or-defer decision that will decide which offense and which defense takes the field start the game.And who knows? Maybe he’ll be back in the middle of the field 60 football minutes later to try to run his streak of coin-toss victories in a huge spot to three.

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