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03-15-2020, 04:16 PM,
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Oxybreath Pro Mask The protective mask is easy to put on and has a waterproof and breathable coating, so that the breathing mask does not pinch or sweat or become uncomfortable in any way. Buy Oxybreath Pro Mask Why do I need this breathing mask? This special breathing mask of Oxybreath Pro Mask is especially helpful and recommended in those situations where there is a high level of fine dust in the air or any other air pollution. People with a lung disease and the associated breathing difficulties, for example, benefit from this mask. Especially in the current situation of the increasingly spreading corona virus, this protective mask is a good protection for yourself not to catch this virus through the air. Oxybreath Pro Mask Oxybreath Pro Mask evaluation and recommendation Thanks to the comfortable way of wearing the breathing mask and the soft material, it offers ideal protection for the whole day. With this mask you will not get a feeling of heaviness in your face or have to sweat. It lies lightly on your face and, thanks to a breathing valve, helps you get enough oxygen to breathe without toxic gases or viruses getting through it. The mask filters pollen and other pollutants from the air and does not let them get to you. Button Oxybreath Pro Mask technical facts The following technical details are available for the protective mask: Function: Anti-fog, anti-PM2.5, anti-poll, anti-dust, trend, anti-road violence. Breathing valve: new 3.0 Filter effect: 95 percent or more Product Name:

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