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09-14-2020, 02:26 PM,
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who is ‘at fault’ and why. This can be difficult to navigate – especially when there’s already a lot of bad feeling and conflict between partners,” he says. “Even when things have been relatively amicable up until that point, the process of having to apportion blame can turn things sour pretty quickly.” Research from Relate shows that conflict between parents is the most damaging thing for children during divorce proceedings. “It’s vital for couples and any children involved that this bill is passed,” he says. Read more Zooey Deschanel's husband files for divorce Charlotte Newman, lawyer at Stowe Family law, says that the law has to change to fit with modern society and attitudes towards marriage. She says: “The adversarial system of divorce would seem to have been designed to dissuade couples from divorcing by forcing one spouse to blame the other, when there could have been no fault from either party. However, as society has changed and there is no longer a stigma attached to divorce, it is time for the

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