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horse that had been rid
12-13-2019, 10:18 AM,
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horse that had been rid
It was a windy and sunny afternoon, and the wind was mixed with people's sweat. My brother and I sat bored at the supermarket door waiting for Dad to come out. I suddenly stood up and said, "Why don't we wait for my dad to scare him and see if he dare to hang us out!" The younger brother said helplessly, "I can't help you." But he flew in the wind. To the supermarket door, I flew over. Dad finally came out, and the two of us jumped up and yelled. But Dad wasn't scared, and said proudly, "Just the two of you little boys want to scare me." My brother and I were bored, walked to the car and left Dad, and when Dad responded, shouted A cry: "Wait for me." They ran after it. When I got to the car, my brother and I fought over who was on the throne Online Cigarettes. My father saw and said to me, "You are an elder sister, you should let your brother." I watched my brother sit on the throne with a proud smile on his face, as if saying what you can do with me, I am even more angry, He got into the car angrily Marlboro Gold, and Dad stopped the car halfway and left without taking the key. I did n��t notice that the humming = the car, but the accident happened at this time. The car rushed forward like a wild horse that had been ridden. His brother was still in the car, his head hit the sharp part of the car, and The car fell to the ground together. Dad, I do n��t know when I came back. When I saw this scene, I picked up my brother and called my mother to the hospital. They patted me before leaving and called out viciously: . "Then hurried away. I sat quietly on the stool watching the blood on the ground, tears streaming down indiscriminately, and I started to wonder, would my younger brother ... remember that my younger brother had been fooling around with me at the entrance of the supermarket and was helpless like a young man The expression Cheap Cigarettes, and the proud look on the car, tears pouring out like spring water. Fortunately, my brother didn't have a big deal. He sew a few stitches back home and was still jumping. But that scene stays in my mind forever
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