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homecoming dresses
09-18-2020, 06:33 AM,
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homecoming dresses
Mixed Preferences: Style and body shape are incredibly important when looking for any outfit – let alone one so important. It is highly unlikely you will have a group of bridesmaids with identical body types, so the chances of finding one dress that will look great on all of them are slim to none. By choosing matching dresses, you might be setting yourself up for some tough disagreements among your bridal party.

‘Prop’ Syndrome: There is a tendency for matching bridesmaids to two piece homecoming dresses be used as ‘props’ for your wedding day. Matching dresses signify unity, but they also represent uniforms, and cramming several people with different tastes, styles and body shapes into the same dress is essentially just creating a nice background for your day. Your bridesmaids might not mind this – or it might make them miserable and uncomfortable on your special day.

Budget Problems: Of course, choosing one dress for all of your bridesmaids can be risky. If your bridesmaids come from different financial backgrounds, what is affordable for one might be completely out of scope for another. As weddings are already quite expensive for bridesmaids, this can cause real problems. Giving your bridesmaids a general style or colour and allowing them to choose their own dresses means they can pick something within their budget, and not petticoats struggle to afford your ideal dress for the day.

Ultimately, brides should try to keep their bridesmaids happy while conforming to the bride’s wishes. For many bridesmaids, the bride’s wishes are paramount, and many will be glad to comply. In fact, many bridesmaids love the concept of matching bridesmaids’ dresses. The difference is whether they have any say in the style and type of dress they will be wearing. For more wedding tips and ideas, or to find your ideal wedding party look, get in touch with us today.

At Maggie Sottero, we promote the happiest of occasions, but we can’t celebrate fully until everyone has an equal ground to do so. As such, we’ve invited our gorgeous and talented partner, Liris Crosse, to share some words of wisdom with us on how we can promote change and diversity in the bridal industry. Keep reading to see party dresses Liris’ history with Maggie, how she hopes to enact change as a public figure, and how to create a space that welcomes and celebrates diverse brides.

A Wonderful Partnership with Maggie Sottero
It has literally been a Cinderella story working with Maggie Sottero. But instead of the glass slipper, it’s been the wedding dress! Over the last three years, our partnership has felt like destiny because it is such a perfect fit brand-wise for the both of us.

And the timing of us meeting was impeccable! Since we started working together, I’ve truly adopted the Maggie team as a surrogate family, and we’ve helped push each other to new limits. 

My Experience During Quarantine
When the lock down began, I admit it was a major shift because everything came to a screeching halt. I travel so much for work so I’m usually super busy. But truthfully, short prom dresses it gave me time to rest my body, mind, and spirit as the past three years have been a whirlwind business-wise as well as in my personal life. I’ve made amazing strides in my career, but my dad also passed away, who was my biggest fan.

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