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hey Cheap Cigarettes Online USA
01-06-2020, 11:17 AM,
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hey Cheap Cigarettes Online USA
When your girlfriend asks for space it's because she's not sure she wants to break up with you. Essentially, she's giving the breakup a trial run. If she misses you and realizes she still wants you? All she has to do is tell you the 'time apart' is over. You come running back, and everything's the same as always.

If however, during the trial breakup she decides she doesn't really need you? You're gone. The relationship is over, and the most evil part of the whole thing: she might not even tell you when it's over. Your girlfriend might start seeing some other guy, or dating someone else, and rather than have the awkward conversation of "hey Cheap Cigarettes Online USA, we're broken up now" she'll leave you hanging there in relationship limbo wondering when - and if - she's ever going to come back.

Screw all that.

Rejecting the 'time apart' thing works because you're showing STRENGTH. You're not laying down and letting her run over you. You're demonstrating a backbone, and you're telling her "Hell no, I'm not going to sit around like a chump while you make all the decisions regarding our relationship". You'd rather lose the entire thing than give her 100% of the power.

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