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hem in the direction of
10-23-2019, 05:33 AM,
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hem in the direction of
Last night, the cats outside the window were particularly harsh, and it made me difficult to sleep for a long time. My mother said that it was the cats who wanted to breed the next generation Thinking of the offspring of the cat, I can't help but laugh.... There is a litter of kittens born, I heard that it is behind the trash. I ran excitedly there, holding a broom that was taller than me, trying to see the debris after the bins were seen. The weather was very cold, and the hand with the broom was frozen and stiff. The palms were blue and purple, cold like iron. A cold wind blew, I quickly retracted my neck, put my hand in my pocket Parliament Cigarettes, and hid next to the rubbish bin. side. At this time, an old man with silver hair came to see me dirty, like a wandering child, then asked me curiously, I was busy putting my index finger in front of my mouth, "snapping" and then looking around Around, low-pitched, "I am looking for a kitten!" He leaned his head close to me, groaning incredulously, then laughing, then a serious face to tell me: "Little girl, you think the kitten is like this Easy to find? Be careful when the old cats come, they will treat you as their plate lunch!" When the old man spoke, a white gas mixed with horror words, came to me together, so I could not help but hit Quiver Newport Cigarettes. He had thought that I would quit halfway. I didn't expect that I would squat and continue to stupidly lie there, like a wood man. The morning sun shone on the dewdrops that were "studded" on the trash can, and it flashed on my clothes and gently fell on me. After a long time, I only heard a faint scream: I heard this sound spread through my body and meridians like an electric shock, and I couldn��t wait to dig up the waste, and I heard a crisp "squeaky" sound. I saw a ball of fat toot, a small body, such a big eye, a short tail. I stretched my hand and it shrank even tighter. Carefully holding the kitten in the palm of the hand, it squinted half-squinted, and the big thumb of the little thumb rolled into a ball. I fed it with the squid silk that it carried with it. It stretched out a paper-like tongue and tentatively licked it. And I enjoyed the body temperature and the "massage" of the tail. I suddenly heard an angry cat crying behind me. The first time, I was shocked, and put down the kitten with lightning speed. The round mother cat accompanied a smile and made a "please" movement. I didn't expect this "please" to leave the family cat. They ran on their legs. It was strange that the kung fu cats who slid smoke were running without a trace. I chased them in the direction of their running, but there was no shadow at all. It was just a pitted stone road. The midday sun shone on the tall old pine tree next to the rubbish bin. I looked around the big tree, but I didn't see a cat hair. At that time, the childish innocence gave birth to a mysterious question: the cat is a magical The animal will hide in the heart of the suspect to find the mother, "Is the cat invisible?" The mother was confused by this inexplicable problem, "Cat?" After a moment of thought, he smiled and said: "Cat Of course, you will be invisible, you are not a mischievous in our family, quietly thinking, faintly laughing. Now, the cat does not know how many litters, I will visit every time, but always feel the first in childhood The cat that I saw was the most memorable, and I wished to go back to that innocent age. The rain outside the window, a few meows came from the faint, I went to sleep.
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