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help with db connection
05-06-2016, 10:44 AM
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help with db connection
guys i need your help kindly fill this with demo details, i can understadn how to put db details,

// авторизация на сервере базы
if(!($[email protected]_connect($set['mysql_host'], $set['mysql_user'],$set['mysql_pass'])))

//echo $set['mysql_host'], $set['mysql_user'],$set['mysql_pass'];
echo "No connection to the database server<br />*Check the connection settings";

// подключение к базе
if ([email protected]_select_db($set['mysql_db_name'],$db))
echo "Database not found<br />*Check the database";

mysql_query('set charset utf8',$db);
mysql_query('SET names utf8',$db);
mysql_query('set character_set_client="utf8"',$db);
mysql_query('set character_set_connection="utf8"',$db);
mysql_query('set character_set_result="utf8"',$db);

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