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h wrong question, a
05-06-2020, 11:13 AM,
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h wrong question, a
[/url]what is love? In your eyes, it may be a table of meals, it may be a piece of cake, it may be a caring greeting ... But in my eyes, love is the big hand who points to the test paper Newport Cigarettes. On this day, sheets of Xuebai were delivered from the teacher. I turned out to be like a happy bird, and immediately became downcast. God! If the composition is reduced by so many points, the total score should not be so high! However, in order to score more than 90 points Marlboro Cigarettes, I still prayed: "Bless me to get more than 90 points, bless me to get more than 90 points Cigarettes For Sale..." As a result, when I opened the paper, I only got 88 points! There is still a big gap from my goal! I thought to myself, what to do! How to do! Do you want to change with your classmates? This doesn't work, my mother must sign it! Thinking of this, my tears were like water in a tap with a valve open, and it was flowing down, because my test was so bad, my mother asked me to eat "fried meat with bamboo shoots". After all, there was something in my heart. At that lesson, the teacher said, I didn't listen to anything. It was finally Friday, and I was both happy and scared. I'm happy that I can see my little rabbit again. I am afraid that I have to eat "fried meat with bamboo shoots". I began to mourn for my ass. As soon as I got home, I did n��t enter the gate, and I heard my mother say, ��I heard that you have taken the language test. How did you do it?�� I said in a mosquito-like voice, ��It ��s okay.�� Look at my mother. "I touched my left in my schoolbag, looked for my right, and finally turned out the paper. Who knows that after reading the test paper, my mother didn't go in the direction I presupposed. My mother didn't comment on my score, but actually helped me analyze the test paper carefully. My mother picked up my test paper, pointed at each wrong question, and said gently to me: "Huh? Meng Ran, don't you understand this question? How did you miss this question? You are answering this question. How did you think about it? "A question, a little bit, patiently, meticulously, and carefully helped me analyze, carefully study how to think, help me straighten out ideas, find a solution to the problem, and summarize the knowledge points. Throughout the process, there was no blame in mother's words, and some were genuinely caring. After the analysis, my mother turned out the exercise book and found the exercises in this unit for me to do. I passed them one by one, and my mother signed the letter love is a delicate flower with confidence and solemnity, bringing fragrance ; Maternal love is the warm sunshine that brings warmth; Maternal love is the breeze of practice and brings coolness; Maternal love is the hand that points the test paper and brings me confidence
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