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goods elevator for sale
07-24-2018, 05:09 AM,
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goods elevator for sale
FUJI Machine Roomless Freight Service Elevator
FUJI Intellectual Control System, Smooth Start, Quick and Quiet Moving
FUJI Machine Roomless Freight Service Elevator intellectual control system accurately measure the location of car during the operation of elevator; The real time calculation of the system can make sure the best running time always. While the elevator acceleration, deceleration and braking, it will be more steady, the running time for each floor will be less, the leveling accuracy improved, and bring superior riding comfort.
Product Introduction:
FUJI Machine Roomless freight elevator takes low carbon environment protection as design concept. It saves energy and reduces loss. It utilizes the well space to the greatest extent. It regards saving the building area and decreasing the building cost as ultimate goal. It gives a full play of green humane spirits of the products. Compared with geared elevator with same load level, it can save 40% of electric energy, 10% of building area. It has the advantageous features such as safety, reliability , smooth operation, large loading capacity etc. It can always satisfy the customers' requirements in different uses and environments such as the factory, warehouse, shopping center, supermarket and library etc. It is your best goods transport tool.
The firm and durable car
Highly accurate leveling
Large door width
Main functions:
FUJI collective controlYesProtection for door lock short circuitYes
FUJI VVVF driveYesDoor lock failure for brake switchesYes
Panasonic VVVF drive for door operatorYesOver speed protectionYes
Inspection operationYesContact protection for brake switchesYes
Sloe speed runningYesInterphone communicationYes
Automatic door' opening time adjustmentYesWheeling protectionYes
Full load bypassYesAlarm bellYes
Automatic turn off lighting and fanYesEmergency lightingYes
Automatic return to home landingYesLevel switch protectionYes
Door re closingYesFalse call cancelingYes
Error recordingYesAutomatic reversal call cancelingYes
Hoistway self learningYesFloor display directional setupYes
Automatic door'openingYesIsolate runningYes
Attendant serviceYesDot matrix floor indicatorYes
Bypass operationYesRolling display of running directionYes
Automatic correction of floor position signalYesCAN communication protectionYes
Lift lockingYesArrival gongYes
Protection of door lockup outside door areaYesEmergency return in case of fireYes
Infrared light curtain protectionYesMain control protectionYes
Over load protectionYesMain control CPU WDT protectionYes
Reversal running protectionYesDiscretional setup of service floorYes
Anti skip protectionYesTest runningYes
Anti terminal over running protectionYesClock controlYes
Phase protectionYesDirect landingYes
Phase protectionYesLoad weighing deviceYes
Contactor protectionYesFull collective controlYes
Failure analysis of shaft self learnYesDoor opening button(external)Yes
Motor temperature protectionYesDoor opening button(internal)Yes
Door opening failure protectionYesFire running functionYes
FUJI collective controlYesProtection for door lock short circuitYes
FUJI VVVF driveYesDoor lock failure for brake switchesYes
Product Description:
1.Material: Painted steel, Hairline stainless steel
2.Capacity : 1000KG, 2000KG, 3000KG, 5000KG, 7000KG, 10000KG;
3.Speed: 0.25m/s, 0.5m/s , 1.0m/s, 2.0m/s;
4. Logo: FUJI or as your request
5. MOQ: 1 unit
6. OEM Accepted: Yes
7.Packing Details:  wooden box
8. Payment Term: L/C, T/T
1. How long is your delivery time?
After the technical detail confirmed and finish all payment, 40 days for shipment.
2. How long is the warranty period for the product?
Warranty period is 18 months from the date of shipment.goods elevator for sale

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