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d I said again: "At that tim
10-07-2019, 06:13 AM,
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d I said again: "At that tim
A rare sunny night, I walked out of the house and walked in the park. There is no one around, the street lights are soft Newport Cigarettes, and everything is so peaceful. The tall sycamore tree is gently snoring, and the flowers and plants on the ground seem to be whispering something. I walked quietly, breathing fresh air. "I don't see the water of the Yellow River coming up, and I will never return to the sea. I don't see Gaotang Mingjing's sad white hair Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and the blue sky is like a blue silk..." I heard this powerful "will enter the wine", I can't help but glimpse. Stepping forward, I saw a man dressed in ancient official clothes drinking while drinking this poem. That person seems to have seen me. He stood up and said slowly: "This beautiful night is really valuable. Why don't you walk with me? I readily nod and agree. We are on a small road. The moon in the sky is extremely bright, and the moonlight is on the road. Looking very quiet and beautiful, I was puzzled and cautiously asked: "Jun Nai Shi Xian" "Shi Xian" is a prize, and the monk is Li Bai," and then screamed, "Yang Hua is out of the rules Newport 100S, smells The dragon passed the Wuxi. I sent my heart and the moon, and I went to the Yelang West." I asked: "This is "Wang Wangchangling left to move the dragon to have this sent", he sighed: "Yes! When Chang��s age was straightforward, he was offended by the big official and was taken to the remote place. Social chaos, the court corrupted, and I said again: "At that time, Emperor Xuanzong took you off the eunuch, do you have resentment?" No. Gao Lux is his favorite, and Yang Guifei is also deeply loved. The emperor naturally listens to them. Moreover, I was actually called Gao Lishi to take off my shoes for me. This is also disrespectful to him. "I have read in a book that you have blood on the body of a Turkic person. Is this true?" "Yes. My blood. In the natural world, there is such awkwardness and debauchery. Do you know why I often write the moon? In ancient times, the prairie wolf always yelled at the moon in the middle of the night, and since I have the blood of the Turks, it is natural and the moon. Splitting feelings. I nodded in silence. Li Bai said: "The sky is bright, let's see you next year! "Well, one sleeve disappeared and I came back to God. I still stood on the side of the road. Everything was still vivid and the sentence was in the ear. The sky has already started to rain. The sigh of Shixian seems to be still "the reverberation" I leaned over and looked for Li Bai��s tears
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