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college. From our current freedom
12-31-2019, 04:38 AM,
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college. From our current freedom
"Childhood", "My University" and "On Earth" are the trilogy of Gorky's works. These trilogy tell about Alyosha's life, his life, as if listening to a kind and extreme genius telling a tragic fairy tale. However, what touched me the most was Gorky's My University. "My University" tells Alyosha's experience of going out to make a living. He suffered much from life, worked in labor, suffered bullying, insulted, teased, and even suffered frame and beatings. He experienced the hardships of people at the bottom of society and realized the ugliness of human nature. But he did not give up because of the hardship of life. On the contrary, he faced it positively. It was his indomitable spirit that deeply moved me and reached my soul. The publication of Gorky's trilogy not only gave us a deeper understanding of Gorky's life, they also gave us a deeper understanding. Under the rule of the Tsar, people were in deep water and cruel and indifferent. . Especially every time when I finish reading "My University" and "On Earth", I can't help but feel sad for the miserable life of the people at the time, hate those cruel rulers and be ruthless to the people at the time And feel sad. After reading these trilogy, I think everyone will be satisfied and cherish the present happy life. In "My University", we can clearly feel how eager that Alesha was to be at the university For higher education. However, due to the cruel reality, he did not succeed. When I saw Alyosha's wish shattered in the beginning, I thought he would give up that extravagant and unrealistic wish at that time, and be the bottom of the society honestly, always doing nothing. But to my surprise, he used the slums and docks as its social university. There, he came into contact with all kinds of characters, including college students, junior high school students, and some revolutionaries. He learned knowledge that can never be learned in a regular university, expanded his knowledge, and made his thoughts. Changed. Perhaps, it is the strong and fearless difficulty of Ariesha, the courage to face difficulties, and the spirit of never giving up that made him achievements, making him different from other people who do nothing and arrogant. Alyosha has a clear plan for his future. He is full of hope for the future; in the present, he is down-to-earth, never gives up, study hard, think hard, and persevere; he has no regrets for the past because he has worked hard And fight for it. He once wrote such a sentence in the book, which made me feel a lot: "The days of suffering make me stronger. I do n��t want extravagance from others, and I do n��t demand the advent of good luck. The harder it is, The more we can hone our will and grow our wisdom. " Yeah, the harder it is, the more I can hone my will Online Cigarettes. On Alyssa, I clearly understand that in any harsh environment and in front of any difficulties, we cannot give up lightly Newport Cigarettes Coupons. As long as we do not give up Wholesale Cigarettes, Prove that we still have the opportunity to realize our dreams. But once we give up, we pass by success and miss it. Compared to Alyosha, we are happy. Not to mention that we have the opportunity to go to college. From our current freedom and freedom, we are much happier than them. Therefore, we should work hard with gratitude to return the parents, teachers and friends who have always expected us. Alyosha taught me to never give up, to be down-to-earth, work hard, have the courage to face difficulties, give play to the spirit of our college students, and become a new new humanity in a new society. Do your best! Fight for our bright future! Thinking of the dark world where Alyosha is, he can still do it, why can't we! Come on! Do your best
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