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calculated the carbon emissions
09-16-2020, 10:48 AM,
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calculated the carbon emissions
Do you need me to wear a face covering?

Yes, please! Face coverings have been proven to prevent the spread of viruses when worn by infected people. Since people with COVID-19 may not show symptoms, it’s safest for everyone who enters the shop to be homecoming dresses wearing a face-covering at all times.

As such, I will wear a face-covering during your appointment as well as glasses, and I will ask clients and their guests to arrive wearing a NEW and CLEAN face covering that fits you. Please keep your face covering on during your appointment, securely fastened to cover both your mouth AND nose fully at all times.

What if I don’t have a face covering?

If you can’t get a face covering in advance, I will have masks for you to purchase for $5, with any profit to be donated to charity.

But I really recommend you have your own face-covering ahead of time, that conveys your personality and style! Face coverings are the new normal, and treating them like accessories gives us a way to enjoy that.

What if I get too hot in a face covering?

I understand that face coverings take some getting used to, and headpieces can be uncomfortably warm for some. I will gladly adjust our environment to make you comfortable, just let me know at any time if you think you’ll need this.

Do I have to wear a face covering even when trying on dresses?

This is a tough one… I have consulted with other boutiques and the state. And the answer is yes. It is what will keep you, me, other brides coming in after you the safest!

I feel that we are lucky to live in Massachusetts where the state has required masks to be worn. So I hope everyone will feel comfortable doing so the second you walk into my shop and until you leave. If you want to take a “yes” picture without one, I have something special planned outside for you to be able to remove your mask and have your picture taken.

Do you need me to wear gloves?

No. Our research shows that using gloves is no better than dance shoes simply practicing good hand hygiene. Instead of wearing gloves, I will be washing & sanitizing my hands regularly and ask our clients to do the same. When you visit, I will ask that you sanitize your hands before we start the appointment. I will have auto-dispensing Purell stands in the dressing room, and at the front of the store.

Shoulder to shoulder: Stand upright and keep your arms relaxed, down at your side. Measure your shoulder width from the back.

Bust: Take the tape cheap sashes belts around your back and bring it across your nipple line (typically the fullest part of the breast). Remember that your bust size is not your bra size!

Arm Length: Take the tape from your shoulder point to the wrist.

Biceps: Measure around the widest part of your upper arm to get accurate sleeve sizes.

While taking the measurement, make sure your arms are always relaxed and down at your sides. To make sure your wedding dress will ideally flatter your body shape, it’ s much wiser to send the dealer or tailor an exact measurement for your figure than to choose a regular size. Good luck to you.

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