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arents very worried, so
04-16-2020, 04:39 AM,
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arents very worried, so
White represents purity and flawlessness, and black represents darkness and evil. Each of us has a pure heart. Our life is like a white blank sheet of paper. We usually have to develop good habits and qualities. Otherwise, it will be too late to regret falling into the dark abyss. Each of us has a white wolf and a black wolf in their hearts Wholesale Cigarettes. The white wolf is pure and kind, and the black wolf is evil and treacherous. The white wolf leads you to a bright future, makes you a just and kind person Marlboro Red, and creates happiness for people; the black wolf tempts you to go to the dark road, and devotes one's heart to your hopeful future. Therefore, your future may be ruined by your whim. The difference in one thought makes your life so dark, you can't reach your fingers, just because you are doing something wrong for a while, you are restless, even guilt for a lifetime. There are also many people in the society who keep up with some friends who are doing bad things all the time, so they are infected with good behaviors, and even infected with drugs, so that they can live a quiet life, make a mess, mess up their minds, and do everything they can to steal Grab, want to get money effortlessly, do not rely on their own strength, open a sky for themselves. Although everyone tried their best to get them back on track, they still couldn't listen. Now the news often hears bad guys invading the campus, which makes teachers and parents very worried, so we usually have to develop self-government ability and refuse the inappropriate temptation of the outside world. "We don't do bad things at ordinary times, we are not afraid of ghosts knocking on the door in the middle of the night." We always want to be a straightforward and bright person, so as not to live a restless life all day long, wasting a lifetime. Black. "White paper should be dyed into black paper very fast, just like people want to learn badly. It's easy, but it's harder to get rid of bad habits. Therefore, we must be cautious, rely on our perseverance, and refuse bad temptations. If you make a mistake, you must try to make a difference. Sun Yat-sen said: "I believe that it is feasible, and there will be a day for success when I believe that it will be difficult. When I believe that it is not feasible, it will be easy for me to break down, and there is no period of success." People have unlimited possibilities. As long as we are down-to-earth and careful, we will surely keep our personality innocent forever, away from darkness and despair, and always full of light and hope
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