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appreciated by the
04-18-2019, 10:33 AM,
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appreciated by the
appreciated by the audience. His singer has no actors to interpret. He has a pen in his hand, but he has no paper to write. He has a song in his heart, but it is difficult to speak again. The world is a genius who picks up the teeth and swayes, and it is full of drunken stench, but he is awake. I don��t want to stay here, where can I stay? I��ve been drifting all the way, broken glasses, and I��ve seen the world��s squid dog, chasing after the name, I know that I don��t have to look too clear, because genius is never Will compromise with the world. Worse, jade belt hanging in the forest. Half-life madness, one-of-a-kind! His heart has been soft, but only after being hurt by this mediocre world, he learned to use hard to reject everything. When he found Meixian in Huanhua, he was the thirteen uncle, the elder of Jiangjia, with a skill. Let the prostitute not show up at the low end. Looking at his righteous words and admonishing Mei Xian, he was angry and distressed in the face of the little niece. I can watch the little niece sing the songs I made myself, and he showed the smile of being proud of the elders. After recording the three transcripts, he fortunately met Tang Disheng, his apprentice, his companion, his partner. Tang Disheng is really his luck. He is also yelling, and he is spitting in the tea of ??the teacher. Very few people can stand it, but Tang Disheng knows him. When he glances at the play, he knows what his tune is. He can��t sing. When the words are spoken, they can blurt out smoothly and sing his voice. How close this is, how enviable the soul is. Although he asked Tang Disheng not to call his master in front of him, he gave him the name of his younger brother. This is a closer relationship than the teacher and apprentice. Thirteen Lang is also the fortunate of Tang Disheng. He teaches Tang to be the true character of the playwright, and warns him to learn that I am born to die, to guide him to write his own characteristics of the times, and not to cater to the audience's cheesy appreciation level. Tang Disheng also responded to him with a vow, even though he was still in the 50 years and a hundred years after his death, he still appreciates the value of the play script. He will work hard for them to be geniuses and cherish each other. The war broke out, watching the thirteenth in the train station strong support for the heart, and angry, I am really uncomfortable. He said that just thinking about fame is not going to be a real playwright. Looking at the angry and reluctant back of the polyester, he told the five brothers that Jiang Lang was too shallow, and that he was not allowed to teach him. Tang Disheng has always been a promising playwright in his heart for many years. He knows that his master Tang Disheng once called it once Marlboro Wholesale Price, but he has inherited the thirteenth life. They both, a young man died young, and he was so obsessed. The once sleek snow-capped white phoenix could not bear the heavy weight of the world. The curtain will be thankful, and the storyteller confessed that he was just a poor writer who was telling the story of another impoverished writer. The listener moved, and the perspective was once again transferred from the thirteen lang of the drama to the storyteller and then to the audience. We saw the end of the film, and another unknown character played by Xie Junhao appeared in front of the storyteller. After seeing the disdain and white eyes of so many people, this elf is weird and eclectic. The white man who plays the homemade instrument is especially strange. He is like a hope, appearing in front of the storyteller and the audience. The bright smile and dazzling white clothes let me know that there is still a look forward to the end of the drama. A row of big characters says "Dedication to the Hong Kong writers," so that the spirit of reflexive introspection is worth learning from the contemporary people Super Cheap Cigarette, and it is more likely to resonate. "The Nanhai Thirteen Lang" is a rare work in Hong Kong. The film uses biographical techniques to describe the life of the Hong Kong Cantonese opera scriptwriter Nanhai Shiro Lang, reflecting the return of Hong Kong people to local culture and traditional culture. Hong Kong's centuries-old colonial history is a century-old colonial cultural history. So what is its own "root" in terms of culture and spirituality? With such doubts Cheap Cigarettes Usa Free Shipping, Hong Kong movies began to explore and reflect, and set aside the metropolis. In the curtain of the building, there is a traditional culture in the camera lens that is lingering in the sea of ??the people. In the film, people see that the traditional culture of the past is forced to hide in the corner of high-rise buildings, stealing from the modern culture of distant cities. Between the poor streets and alleys, the big theaters with long lights have not been seen Marlboro Reds 100S Carton, but the life is maintained in the form of grass-roots teams and street-street art. The audience is limited to those who are old and the market is busy. The living environment just reflects the tenacious vitality of traditional culture. Finally, I want to talk about the role played by Thirteen Lang, Xie Junhao, who first saw it because of "Xian Jianqi" The wine swordsman in Xia Chuan, the white hair is full of emotions, and is good for Li Xiaoyao and Anu. He is a very naughty and lovely predecessor. He accidentally watched the "Fighting Decade" and he played the villain Cartons Of Newport Cigarettes. The abnormal psychologist was really scared that I had a psychological shadow. Later, he took over the chronology "The Legend of the Storm" and the modern drama "The Healing of the Healing Man", which reflected his good acting skills. Later, he took some idol dramas, and indeed it was very Unfortunately, his acting skills are not good for the stage. In addition to being a good actor, he is also a good person. The fire on the set is unfortunately dispelled to save the little actors. The actor who is very personal is wishing him everything is fine, and he hopes that China��s film and television will be good. The drama market can be slowed down, quiet and quiet, and reflected on the road. Of course, as an audience, I will also strive to improve my self-cultivation.

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