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Your Truth
11-23-2020, 07:22 PM,
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Your Truth
Don´t be afraid of being rejected by others.
I know that sometimes it is hard to say what we want to say,
for fear of being misunderstood, judged, and ultimately rejected.
People often hear what they want to hear, rather than what’s being said.
It’s common to be rejected simply for having the guts to speak your mind.
And also it takes courage to share them with others.
If your ideas are outside of the current norms,
then they are usually seen as strange and unsafe.
However, the definitions of normal and strange tend to change over time.
Strange often becomes the new normal and normal the new strange.
Your ideas may be considered strange right now,
but one day they may be the new normal.
You didn’t come into this world to be like everyone else and do what everyone else is doing.
Don’t waste your time making the same mistakes that
most “wannabe” online business owners make.
Why not take part in something that has it’s own momentum?
If not now, when? If not you, who?
Want to start an online business but don´t know where to begin?
you'll find it here...

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