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Womens Xavier Williams Jersey
01-15-2019, 05:05 AM,
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Womens Xavier Williams Jersey
The Re-Up: It’s already time to stop comparing Patrick Mahomes to anyone else It’s our Monday morning afternoon column Womens Terrance Smith Jersey , The Re-Up. In this column, I’ll write about some deeper thought I had about the last game and finish with some fun stuff to ponder at the article’s end. Check out last week’s column here.Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty ImagesI had been hoping, heading into Monday night’s game, that when Tuesday morning rolled around, for the first time in four tries, perhaps I’d be able to focus on someone or something other than Patrick Mahomes for this column.Who knew that it would be precisely the wrong game and wrong week to do so.While I could never sit here and kill the rest of team in its entirety—Mahomes wasn’t the only player who performed well (I’m looking right at you, Kareem Hunt)—I can say with confidence that for much of the time, Monday night just wasn’t the Chiefs’ night.There were obvious tackling issues, Travis Kelce—albeit his fault or not—had a few uncharacteristic drops and both Sammy Watkins and Dee Ford left the game early. The Denver defense became the first unit that punched Mahomes square in the mouth all year. And for a while—I’d say, three quarters or so—it seemed as if he would be down for the 10-count......and that’s because as writers and followers and fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, that is precisely what we’ve all become conditioned to expect.Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images“Man, I thought we were good. But yet again, we’ve been proven wrong.”It is why I love this comment from Andy Reid after the game, acknowledging just that when asked about how this year’s team compares to those of prior seasons.“Those teams are done,” Reid said. “That’s already been done so we have to keep on going. We’ve been here. We’ve put together some string of wins and then fallen down. You’ve got to keep pushing forward. We’ve got a great Jacksonville team coming in this weekend. You’ve got to get back and figure out how to take care of that. I’m proud of this group and I like this team. I like their effort and their tenacity. You don’t see any bickering going on or anyone giving up hope. It’s all been positive. Even when we are behind, guys are ready to make a play and get one done.”I look at Monday night’s game in Denver and I wonder, what, if anything, I will recall about it 20 years from now. Overcoming the 10-point deficit was nice, as at one point in the fourth quarter, ESPN gave the Broncos a 93.9 percent chance of winning the football game. But it’s not that.Mahomes’ navigation of the pocket on second-and-30 to free himself and find Demarcus Robinson for 23 yards was masterful, but I’m afraid I’ll probably forget that, too.What I’ll remember from Monday night in what hopefully will be a long career of thousands and thousands of plays is when Mahomes switched the ball to his damn left hand and completed a pass for a first down.They could tell you about it better than I ever could:“I didn’t think [about] it at all,” Mahomes told the media in his post-game press conference. “I was kind of just scrambling left. I felt [OLB] Von [Miller] on my back and knew I couldn’t throw it with my right hand, I knew we needed the first down, so I kind of shot-putted it to [Chiefs WR] Tyreek [Hill]. He got the first down and made a great play. You just have to get the ball in their hands somehow.”“Obviously, it was a great play,” Tyreek Hill said. “It caught me off guard. I’ve never seen a quarterback who is right handed throw the ball left-handed. [Chiefs QB] Pat [Mahomes] made a great play. Pat actually throws better than me, and I’m left handed, so that’s crazy. It was a good throw.”“I was gaining ground on him and I kind of just—it just felt like he was getting ready to throw it, so I was just trying to get down there and clip the ankles,” Broncos linebacker Von Miller explained. “I knew he was getting ready to throw it though. I kind of felt it. But I didn’t know he threw it with his left hand.”“I thought, ‘Is this dude a magician or something?’” running back Kareem Hunt said. “He is doing things that you don’t see often. He is a great player and I’m glad he’s on my team.”“Nobody in history has ever seen that,” safety Eric Murray said. “C’mon now. Nobody. I’ve never seen that one [in practice]. That one is new. I’m glad we all got to see it.”On social media, some called the play Brett Favresque.But I just don’t even know anymore. A colleague of mine, Carrington Harrison, came up with a segment on The Drive this past summer that pitted current successful quarterbacks up against Mahomes and asked if you would take the deal.For example, if you could guarantee Mahomes would be Matt Ryan, would you take it? Or would you settle for the mystery door? What about Matt Stafford? Andrew Luck?(Again, this was in the summer—try to think back to that time when you had no frame of reference)And now here we are and I’m thinking and I’m thinking Womens Reggie Ragland Jersey , and I remember watching Favre and I look at his career and I can’t help but wonder: Favre wasn’t great until the fourth year of his career, when he was 25. Knowing what I know now about the recently-turned-23-year-old in Mahomes, would I even take Favre?Would I even take Tom F-cking Brady?The preseason Throw, the roll-out-right score to Chris Conley from Week 3 and the left-handed pass just have me feeling some kind of way, and I know I’m not alone.Sometimes the fun in talking sports becomes so much about comparisons.But I think it may be time to stop caring if Mahomes ends up being Favre or Manning. Let’s let him write his story.Through five games, it looks like it will be a fascinating one, and the beauty of it all is that there really is no ceiling.THE RAPID REACTIONHere were my very first comments from the Arrowhead Pride postgame show Monday night. (full show)STAT OF THE GAMEOK. Take a second, and read this stat. Let it sink in, then read it again.GIF OF THE GAMETravis Kelce pretends to pocket the Broncos fans’ middle fingers. So good.TWEET(s) OF THE GAMEWe’ve got a couple this week.FIVE QUOTES1. CB Kendall Fuller on the energy the offense provides to the defense: “We definitely feed off them. Just the way they’ve been playing all year. That energy that they have carries over. I know they were excited to see us get off the field. It’s just going to keep on going the whole season.”2. LB Justin Houston on the resilience of the Chiefs to come back and win: “I think that shows a lot. We made the stops when we needed to and that should give the defense as a whole confidence. I think we just need to put a complete game together. We still have yet to put a complete game together. That’s our goal is to play the first quarter through the fourth quarter, a complete game of pure dominance. That’s what we want.”3. Broncos CB Chris Harris Jr. on going up against Patrick Mahomes: “I was covering. He made us cover for a long time. I had to go inside and get an IV. I had to get two IVs and I was just done. Just playing those extra times, he made us scramble in coverage the whole game. We couldn’t sack this man. He’s a hell of a player, he’s a hell of a quarterback. He made plays with his feet and I can’t wait to play him again though.”4. Broncos LB Von Miller struggling to sack Mahomes: “Yeah, it’s tough. He’s fast. We’ve got to get him down. That’s just plain and simple. He’s pretty fast. He’ll run all day, buy time and especially to the right, deep. I’m talking like 20 yards deep and then he’ll throw the ball 40 yards. He’s a great quarterback. He did a great job tonight.”5. Patrick Mahomes on his discipline in the pocket: “I’m not fast. I know that my strength is not running the ball. I know I have a lot of playmakers whose strength is catching the ball and making people miss. I know if I keep my eyes down field and get it to them, they’re going to keep working for me and make big plays.”THE BIG THOUGHTI don’t know if we talk about the Chiefs’ 2016 signing of right tackle Mitch Schwartz quite enough. When the Cleveland Browns completely botched bringing him back in free agency, the Chiefs pounced, inking him to a five-year contract. On Monday night, Schwartz started his 100th career game in 100 opportunities. Schwartz was named a second-team All-Pro the last three seasons, and he takes such pride in his streak that he even pushed and started the Chiefs’ meaningless Week 17 game last week against the Denver Broncos. Through three weeks this season entering Monday night, he had allowed three pressures in three games, and last night, his nemesis in Von Miller was held without a sack. In the NFL, you hear the clich茅 a lot—the best ability is availability. Like his former teammate Joe Thomas, who Schwartz looks up to, Schwartz provides exactly that for Kansas City. POLL OF THE WEEK After trailing 24-9 at halftime on Sunday night, the Kansas City Chiefs outscored the New England Patriots 31-16 until the final seconds of the game, when a 28-yard Stephen Gostowski field goal with three seconds remaining closed out a 43-40 Patriots win.Here are five hot takes from the Chiefs’ first loss of the season.1. Brady vs. Mahomes IGreg M. Cooper-USA TODAY SportsYes... I’m breaking out the Roman numerals, because this matter between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes isn’t settled.The aging legend and the young upstart played to a draw on Sunday night, notching nearly identical passer ratings of 109.2 and 110.0.But that is not to say they played identically.Brady was steady throughout the game.Mahomes played poorly in the first half, and brilliantly in the second.Mahomes threw four touchdown passes, but partially offset those with a pair of interceptions.Brady threw only one touchdown, and didn’t throw a pick.Brady did, however, fumble each of the two times he was sacked, while Mahomes wasn’t sacked at all.Honestly... it’s just about what we might have expected from these two players — when you consider their respective ages, and that their styles of play are so completely different.But here’s the thing: Brady has probably learned everything he’s ever going to know about playing this game.Mahomes, on the other hand, is nothing less than a sponge who — according to his coaches — remembers everything, and learns from his mistakes.One of those mistakes from Sunday was scoring a touchdown in a single play on the Chiefs’ final drive Womens Xavier Williams Jersey , and handing the ball back to Tom Brady in a tie game with three minutes left on the clock.In Brady vs. Mahomes II — which will likely occur in January — that mistake probably won’t happen again.2. A tale of two halvesGreg M. Cooper-USA TODAY SportsBy the time the first half ended, the Chiefs had scored three field goals and Patrick Mahomes had thrown two interceptions, while the Patriots had scored three touchdowns and a field goal.This is not a formula for success in Foxborough, Massachusetts.There are probably Patriots fans who went to bed during halftime secure in the knowledge that the Patriots would win the game 45-15. After all, young quarterbacks are routinely humiliated in Gillette Stadium. Why should this game be any different?But in the second half, the Chiefs scored four touchdowns — all of them passes from Patrick Mahomes — plus a field goal, while the Patriots managed only four field goals. More than a few Patriots fans will read their morning newspaper headlines and wonder, “What the hell happened?”The Patriots had simply did to the Chiefs what the Chiefs have done to their opponents all season: forced them into abandoning their game plan in order to play catch-up. And like a couple of their earlier opponents, the Chiefs almost pulled off a comeback win.But this isn’t horseshoes or hand grenades. The Chiefs are 5-1 because they deserve to be. Both teams did their best to slow down the tempo of the game in the first half. The Patriots simply did it more effectively, and forced the Chiefs into doing what they didn’t want to do.3. Yards, yards and more yardsGreg M. Cooper-USA TODAY SportsThe Chiefs defense gives up a lot of yards. A LOT of yards.On Sunday night, the defense surrendered another 500 yards to an opponent — bringing them to just over 2800 yards given up in six games.If you do the math on that... well, don’t do that math, OK?If you care about the number of yards the defense is giving up, it’s just going to upset you.But I think it’s important to note something about Sunday’s game.Once again, the Chiefs had way too many snaps on defense — 75 — versus 53 on offense.That works out to 6.7 yards per play.Is that a good number?No... absolutely not.It’s worse than several other games this year — but not all of them.And it was against the Patriots — not the Jaguars or the 49ers.Perhaps more importantly, the Chiefs gave up 4.6 yards per attempt on the ground.Thisisn’t an ideal number, either, and it’s higher than a couple of other games this season — and substantially lower than several of them, too.Then there’s this: in the first half of the game, the Chiefs defense gave up 190 yards — and 24 points. In the second half, they gave up 310 yards — and 19 points.I’m working on two points here:First, let’s recognize that it is important to pay attention to the yards a defense gives up.But just looking at the raw number of yards isn’t very useful.It’s more informative to consider how much it gives up on a per-play basis — particularly now that bye weeks are starting to happen, and teams can rise or fall in the rankings simply because they didn’t play in a given week.And second, although yards are important, they still aren’t posted on the scoreboard.4. A special play from the special teamPhoto by Adam Glanzman/Getty ImagesEver since training camp. special teams coach Dave Toub has been saying that Tremon Smith was a talented kick returner.And with the injury to De’Anthony Thomas, he got his opportunity to shine against the Patriots.Smith had four kickoff returns during the game — each one progressively longer.The last, of course, was the 97-yard return in the fourth quarter that set up the Chiefs go-ahead touchdown.All due credit to Smith, who averaged 45 yards on his four returns in the game.But we should note that in the long return, the blocker who opened the door was none other than recently-returned linebacker Frank Zombo.Zombo gets a bum rap from a lot of fans, but he’s always been a very good special teams player, and he demonstrated it again on Sunday.5. The Chiefs are still doing just fineDavid Butler II-USA TODAY SportsAs more than a few people noted this week, the Chiefs were playing with house money when they got off the plane in Foxborough.There was plenty to gain with a win over the Patriots, but little to lose.A win would have been a big statement for the team on a national stage, and given the Chiefs a tie-breaker over the Patriots that may yet prove to be important. But there was little to lose with a loss — especially a narrow one.The Chiefs are still in a great position to win the AFC West for the third consecutive season, and after playing the Patriots as they did — particularly on their home field — no reasonable person would fail to give them the respect they have earned.And boy howdy... it was a fun game to watch!

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