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Winter is supposed to
03-22-2019, 10:56 AM,
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Winter is supposed to
Winter is supposed to be cold, dry and irritating. But this winter alone is not so cold, but it adds some warmth and vitality to the morning. When the sky is bright, the "guardian" outside the house begins to call, probably it doesn't want me to sleep late, I get up and get dressed. Going out of the house and stretching a little, sucking the first air of this morning, the friend of the nursing home looked at me and came to me Newport Wholesale, as if to receive me, and then wanted I played with him. As a result, I looked at him and ignored him. I lost my interest. I stayed in the nest and went to sleep. Next to me is a big banyan tree. It was planted by my grandfather. This year. It��s probably more than fifty years old. I can��t hold it alone. The thick stems can��t hide his vicissitudes. The withered leaves on the tree have already turned dark brown, but they can��t fall, it seems to have The old banyan tree is mixed, the wind blows, and occasionally a few small leaves fall, it has already broken down, probably the weathering time is too long, the vigorous vitality can not stand the time of the torment and the vicissitudes of the years The bird's nest is built by the magpie In the most luxuriant branches Carton Of Newport 100, in the sturdy place, the magpies left, leaving this nest, the sparrows came, it seems that the nest is too high, not willing to stay on it, had to eat the remaining grains on the ground, or The dead worm, its obese body seems to be in no way in motion and flying. When I go, it jumps away. When I ran, he flew to the wall. It was cute and looked at you. Pick your own wings and fluff and tease you. Then fly away without any thoughts, scream a few times, then hide in the invisible, quietly watching you, when you enter the house or go to work Newport Short, then fly out and continue to eat Cigarettes Free Shipping. I never knew that this little guy was so smart, Hui Min, always thought it was as stupid as his body, and will continue to grow new shoots in the spring of next year; the birds will fly Cigarette Kinds, and the spring will still fly and nest. Growing up; me? I��m afraid it��s getting bigger and bigger, getting older! Taking advantage of youth, doing something; taking advantage of being old, doing something; taking advantage of yourself and doing more!

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