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Why Choose Human Hair Wig Not Synthetic Wig?
09-03-2020, 05:55 AM,
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Why Choose Human Hair Wig Not Synthetic Wig?
Human hair wig and synthetic wig, which one you would choose? Maybe some people like the synthetic wig with different colors and cheap price. However, after reading this article, I think you will change your choice.

1. Human Hair Wig Is Natural
Lace front wigs human hair is more natural, the texture is similar to your own hair. It’s difficult to find the difference in your eyes. Even use your hands to touch it, you will feel it’s as soft as your own hair.
A synthetic wig is harder than a human hair. And it’s thicker than a human hair. When you touch it, you may think you are touching a fishing line. It looks fake.
[Image: body_wave_wigs_1.jpg]
2. Human Hair Wig Is Easy To Style
If you make a body wave lace wig, you will use a curling iron. It will create high temperatures to heat hair, but not all synthetic wigs can be heated! When you heat an ordinary synthetic wig, it will be melted. Another synthetic wig is high-temperature resistant fiber, but the temperature just below 180 degrees. Moreover, You can’t color them.
Human hair is easy to style, how to style your own hair, then use the same way to style the human hair. 
3. Human Hair Wig Can Keep A Long Time
If you care about your human hair HD lace frontal wig in the right way, it can keep 1 to 2 years or even longer if you care for it well. Treat it as your own hair, it’s a High cost-effective choice.
Synthetic wig keeps for about several months. If you wear a long time, you will find there are more and more knots. It’s not used to care it by shampoo and conditioner.
[Image: body_wave_wigs_4.jpg]
4. Human Hair Wig Is Light
We don’t want to wear a heavy wig. If you choose a synthetic wig, it’s about twice as heavy as a human hair wig. It’s thick, the breathability is bad.
West Kiss HD lace human hair is light, the breathability is fine. It’s more comfortable.
If you had to change your thought between the two kinds of the wig and want to try a human hair wig, I recommend you to Wet Kiss, it’s a good place for human hair wig beginners. Have a happy shopping time. Best wishes to you, madam. 
Heart At West Kiss, the happiness and satisfaction of the customers with our 100% human hair is our policy list. Enjoy our promotion activity at 8.28
[Image: PC-0903%20(1)-1920x640.jpg]

10-10-2020, 03:44 PM,
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RE: Why Choose Human Hair Wig Not Synthetic Wig?
Do you want to post a similar question as to the human wig one, but cannot due to your poor English. Then I would recommend you to read 7dollaressay reviews and hire them to write your question for you.

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