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Which is the Best CMS for Affiliate Marketing Point of View?
02-25-2020, 12:43 PM,
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Which is the Best CMS for Affiliate Marketing Point of View?
Each of us has some personal experience that determines our attitude to a particular issue. Here, let’s say, many marketing specialists outsourced specialists to carry out certain jobs. Guided by personal experience, they on the forums and blogs will eagerly defend their position, citing arguments for or against outsourced marketers. What to do if there is a marketing dilemma: to hire your own affiliate marketing website design team or to trust the marketing team of outsourcers?

It is worth immediately deciding on the terms:
Outsourcing is the transfer of a number of marketing functions based on a long-term contract . The provision of one-time services for "drawing something", service and support services having a one-time, episodic, random nature and limited to the beginning and the end is not called outsourcing.

It’s just contract work that should be carried out under the guidance of a full-time marketing manager - the moderator of the entire marketing management in the company. We will discuss below the involvement of non-staff specialists with the transfer to them of clearly defined types of work for a long time.
About the myths of the benefits of marketing outsourcing
Often, not wanting to delve deeply into the tasks of marketing or believing that there are more important tasks, managers give marketing outsourcing in one form or another. For many, such a transfer of competencies works. However, as a key point, it is worth noting that the outsourcing team always sells its experience, limiting the customer to the scale of experience and team competencies.  
Do not assume that outsourcers will do something more than what is written in their contract and stipulated by the amount of work.
By this I immediately denote the fact that myths regarding marketing outsourcing exist, their consultants multiply and customers believe in them with pleasure. So, let's understand: what is a myth, and what is reality, when outsourcing does not help, and when it is a panacea. So, a few basic myths circulated:
Outsourcing Team Cost Effective
They say that...
Outsourcing allows the company to save costs on maintenance and management of the marketing department in the company and focus on the main business processes. Rational benefits: reduction in office rental costs, social security, payroll taxes and others with high quality results.
All this is not unique. Outsourcing marketing team, in addition to the need to pay specialists working hours, requires all the same costs for the rental of premises. Specialists will be housed in homes or in the office, and equipment, equipment and communication - all this must be paid. The outsourcing team contains an accountant and a manager, and this also falls on the shoulders of the customer and is included in the cost of services. In addition, such an outsourcing team is a profit center for its owner, which reduces your profit.
The customer cannot afford specialists of such a high level than the outsourcer
They say that...
one more confirmation of the reasonableness of the return of marketing to outsourcing is the shortage of highly qualified marketing specialists and the fact that high-class specialists will not come to the customer to work on a one-time project or low salary.
I’m ready to agree, it’s only immutable that such a highly skilled specialist, working for an outsourcer, is simultaneously conducting several projects, which means that, with all his experience, he devotes not more than part of his working time to you, but knowledge, experience and attention may not be fully transferred to you. Now imagine that such a specialist pays attention to another parallel project more than you, because another project is more economically beneficial to the manager or simply more interesting to him than yours.
Outsourcers - Proven Special Experience Carriers
They also say that ...
Since the previous project was performed well by such an outsourcer, it is easier for him to implement yours and a similar project. And the outsourcer, in this case, will cope with the task more effectively than your hired team.
May be. Think about this:
But what if the outsourcer simply fulfills your project by template, and the market situation or the marketing parameters of the developed project are not identical?
But what if "having trained for you", tomorrow such an outsourcer will offer his services to your direct competitor, and even give him all the mechanics, numbers, methods that he implemented with you?
Having received a contract with you, such a digital specialist will certainly offer services to all your competitors - do not even doubt it! The fact is that working out several identical projects with customers of the same market is easier for an outsourcer to make money
09-09-2020, 10:31 AM,
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RE: Which is the Best CMS for Affiliate Marketing Point of View?
I find my strength. A new beginning always starts at the end run 3

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