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When I was young
12-02-2019, 10:13 AM,
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When I was young
When I was young, I was often bullied and excluded. You moved here to school in the second semester of the first grade. You walked up to the podium to introduce yourself boldly and confidently. The teacher arranged that she sat behind my seat. You will come to me very actively after class. Maybe it is your preference. Same, soon became good friends. In my conversation with you, you got to know me, and you took the initiative to greet them, so I went to say hello, I saw them all glance at me I went to play somewhere else. When you saw it, I was very angry and frowned. I also grumbled my mouth very sadly, tears swirled in my eyes Wholesale Cigarettes, and you went to reconcile me with them. My heart was very moved, so Be honey with you. Slowly I dared to communicate with others, and they were willing to take me to play the game, but unfortunately I would not play because I had never played it, so the game would always be stuck because of me. At this moment, you pulled me Out of the crowd, show me the game slowly, patiently, step by step, and tell me the rules of the game. Do n��t complain that you have lost so much valuable class time, there is nothing between us. Little secret, since then, we have been holding hands in and out of the school together ... I made so many friends because of your help and guidance. It was you who gave me the strength to communicate with others. It was you who gave I dare to play games with my classmates Newport Cigarettes Coupons. You have been with me from the first semester to the sixth semester. Now we are in different classes and different schools. I am sad and ca n��t be classmates with you anymore. When I am Whenever I am sad Marlboro Cigarettes, I will remember what you said to me and the time when we were together. I will smile and take the initiative to chat with others. It is you who taught me how to make good friends. I am no longer deceived Negatives and exclusions make me no longer alone. You are my best friend of my childhood. I learned to communicate and gave me strength.
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