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What can we expect from Thomas this season?"
12-27-2019, 06:43 AM,
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What can we expect from Thomas this season?"
The Patriots finally made a move to improve their receiving corps! Demaryius Thomas is going to be the dominant outside receiver that they’ve been lacking Womens Chris Hogan Jersey , and that he was for years in Denver! Or is he? I wouldn’t pencil him in for the Pro Bowl just yet. I think the absolute best case scenario for Thomas is Brandon LaFell. In LaFell’s first year with the Patriots, he had 74 catches for over 900 receiving yards and 7 touchdowns. He also caught 2 playoff touchdowns, including 1 in the Super Bowl. LaFell was also 28 and healthy, which makes me think this scenario is wildly optimistic. Two names that I think are more likely are Chad Johnson and Eric Decker. Johnson was 33 when he came to New England and was coming off a season that was, statistically at least, very close to what Thomas did last year. He was also healthy, so he had that going for him. He obviously never got fully into the system, and was an extreme disappointment , finishing the regular season with only 15 catches and being a non factor in the playoffs. Decker came to the Patriots after starting only 8 games with the Titans, but finishing with over 50 catches and 500 yards receiving. He seemed a lock for a roster spot, but could never get a hold of the offense, and was cut before last season started. Thomas will be 32 in December and is coming off another torn Achilles(the other was during the 2011 offseason), so there’s uncertainty if he’ll even be ready for the start of the season, nevermind training camp. Even if he is, time will tell if he’s lost a step, and can ever be the player he was before the injury. The initial reports were that it was a 1 year deal for up to $6M Eric Rowe Jersey , and while that’s technically true, the Patriots would only take on $300,000 in dead money if they were to cut him in camp. At the end of the day, no one knows exactly the impact that Thomas is going to have, but, based on his age, injury history, and contract Womens Shaq Mason Jersey , it’s a good idea for fans to feel how the team does. It’s possible he can help, but there’s a very good chance that he doesn’t, and there’s also a chance he doesn’t even make the team. Pat is a co-host of The Patriot Nation PodcastInteract with him on Twitter @plane_pats Monday was the 18th anniversary of Tom Brady‘s first NFL start. Reminded of that fact by Jim Gray of Westwood One during the Bengals-Steelers pregame show, Brady said he didn’t realize it.A full generation later, and 25 percent of the way into his 20th NFL season, Brady realizes that he’s feeling good, despite last week’s comment that he’s not a “spring chicken.”“I said that tongue in cheek last week, again I know that things in context don’t come out that way ,” Brady said. “But that was kind of said as a joke and became a headline. I’m feeling really good, we’re four games into the season. A lot of guys are already missing the whole season with injuries because it’s a contact sport. I feel good, I came out of the game really clean and I’m excited to go out and practice this week and see if we can make some improvements.”Improvements definitely are needed; the New England offense punted nine times in 12 possession during Sunday’s game at Buffalo.“The flight home yesterday sucks, the night of sleep sucked, and you watch the film and that sucks and then you just lick your wounds and you get up and you try to do better the next week,” Brady said. “We’ve lost a lot of games playing poorly, and sometimes when you don’t play well on offense but play well on defense, you win.”How well are they playing on defense? Consider this quote from Brady Drew Bledsoe Jersey , in light of his tenure with the team.“Our defense is playing great football,” Brady said. “The best football I can ever remember our defense playing, which has been spectacular to watch.”That’s why the Patriots continue to create a distinct vibe that, one again, they’ll be in the mix foe a Supre Bowl appearance.

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