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Web page design problem?
10-26-2016, 06:36 PM,
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Web page design problem?
My page is displayed differently on different browsers. Internet Explorer displays the images correctly but text in my page is all broken. There is unusual gaps between words and even words. On the other hand Firefox displays the text correctly but it is missing some images. The images that are missing were placed using absolute position.

Another problem is I have some tables in the page. The tables should not display their borders and only the text. I have canceled all borders. It's okay with IE but Firefox shows the borders of those table.

I am using Fontpage. But i would like an alternative.

What should I do.
05-23-2017, 01:25 PM,
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My page is shown diversely on various programs. Web Explorer shows the pictures effectively yet message in my page is altogether broken. There is irregular crevices amongst words and even words. Then again Firefox shows the content accurately however it is feeling the loss of a few pictures. The pictures that are missing were put utilizing supreme position. Need Help with My Homework

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