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We often feel the ha
07-09-2019, 10:23 AM,
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We often feel the ha
We often feel the hardship and heavyness of life Parliament Cigarettes. We have witnessed the distortion and deformation of life under various pressures. At the same time Cigarettes Online, we do not know the numbness of our body and mind. The ordinary moment has become the most real desire of people. But we inadvertently missed another kind of fear - no expectation, no need to pay for the calm, but actually consume the spirit and vitality of life. Many things in life seem to be lighter than the feathers, but they are unbearable. Therefore, those who have a high sense of responsibility for themselves despise every little thing, and then walk forward with uneasiness, taking into account all kinds of right and wrong Carton Of Cigarettes. It is extremely fearful to think about what kind of loneliness those people should be. No one is born to be willing to enjoy loneliness. There is such a saying: all the splendor that has ever existed in life, after all, must be repaid with loneliness. Those who have too many points in their lives will probably cultivate a rich inner world in the process of repaying their own splendid progress Marlboro Cigarettes. In this way, even if you think that your feelings have been dried up and you can't give them, there will always be a moment when something can sway the heartstrings, just as your inner feelings have a great harmony in the universe. I am used to the carnival of the groupers. Maybe the snow that falls on my shoulders tonight is the lightness and weight that the lonely person can't bear in his life. There are thousands of species in the world, and there is no one to ask for it; some people live in high-rise buildings, some people are in deep ditch; some people are radiant, some people are rusted; if the people are rainbows, if they know that there is no fixed standard, it will lead to people��s rigidity. The fixed result and the arguing of the red face, it seems that in a fixed education mode Cheap Cigarettes, you must not argue the purpose of the author to write an article, there should be a unified standard for people to accept, I did not expect this standard to measure the level of social cognition. That's right, stay in the rigid low. The things that are endured by the heart should not be with the living things, so the light and heavy of this society should only be seen while walking in the mountains and seas. Milan Kundera once wrote in the book: "From now on, I began to choose my life cautiously. I no longer easily let myself be lost in all kinds of temptations. I have heard the call from afar in my heart. Looking back, I care about all kinds of things behind me. I have no time to care about the past, I have to go forward." I agree with this. If there is no lightness in my heart, why is there a sadness, blood and flesh, loaded with Milan? A heavy sigh in the chest. His lightness is conversion, it is awkward, the dust is still settled, and he is still unwilling to go over the mountains; his weight should be the habit of the passion after the fade, the soft rice and salt water, the polite customers . The lightness that can't be tolerated in life is probably something that was originally thought to be insurmountable, and eventually it was filled with time. It is unacceptable to say that it is actually afraid that habits can't be light, too light and too simple for me. I accidentally found my childhood photos, the shortest of a group of people, a thin face with a cameraless grin, and the cats who walked on the roof carefully looked at me at the tail. I remember that the teacher also emphasized personal hygiene before taking pictures. We also almost hit people who are standing next to them. At this time, I always patted the meeting on the photo and hurriedly put it away. I am afraid to think again. The eyes are going to be red. It may be because old photos can always see through me, knowing that I am not so free and easy, but I am afraid of nostalgia. I know that I can always hold memories in my arms without warning. If I don��t get warm, I will let go, sweet and smirk, think more. I can't bear it, so a photo is the light of life I can't bear. On the contrary, I am "heavy" very real. When the subway has been stationed, it is necessary to follow the crowd and walk two steps and then return to the team to return. I always do this kind of love and face. Someone smiles at your shoulders, cries on your shoulders, and then continues to hate you. I am always enthusiastic about eating more meat and thicker shoulder pads. He is happily tired of the faces of emotions and sorrows. Can not afford, do not care. Those who can't bear are afraid of getting used to it. People always want to rewrite their own biographies, change the past, and erase the traces. Wiping out one's own, and wiping out others's, wanting to bear is far from being so simple. Perhaps the heaviest burden is also the most fulfilling symbol of life. The heavier the burden, the closer our life is to the earth, the closer it is to Really and really don't blame the lonely people for cursing too many people, because they have too much unbearable light in their lives.
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