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09-29-2020, 12:06 PM,
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Andrew Weissman, a prosecutor who served as one of former Special Counsel Newport Pleasure  Robert Mueller's top lieutenants during the investigation into 2016 Russian election interference, on Monday connected revelations about President Trump's tax information to Moscow.

The tax information, obtained by The New York Times, has sparked speculation that Trump may owe hundreds of millions of dollars to an unknown funding source that kept his businesses alive over the years. Weissman suggested that Trump's son, Eric Trump, may have provided the geographic location of the money, if not the exact source, all the way back in 2014, before the elder Trump had announced his 2016 presidential campaign. "We have all the funding we need out of Russia, " Eric Trump said in 2014. A draft memo that President Donald Trump composed laying out his reasons for firing FBI Director James Comey was "tinfoil helmet material, " a former member of the Newport Cigarettes Shop  special counsel Robert Mueller's team said.

That's according to "Where Law Ends, " an upcoming memoir by Andrew Weissmann, who worked on Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Weissmann wrote in his book that James Quarles, another prosecutor on the team, described Trump's draft memo as "tinfoil helmet material" in June 2017.

"I read the document immediately, while Jim stood over my desk, " Weissmann said Newport box 100s cigarettes , referring to the draft memo. "It was excruciatingly juvenile, disorganized, and brimming with spite — incoherent and narcissistic. You could almost feel the spittle coming off the paper. ".

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