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Velofel do you what type of meditation technique
03-15-2020, 03:45 PM,
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Velofel do you what type of meditation technique
Velofel  do you what type of meditation technique do you use it varies because for me and I think this is important for anybody listening to this meditation it doesn't need to be something so specific I think a lot of times people are intimidated by meditation because they think that they have to sit in a certain pose their hands in a certain way and they have to lean you know chanting or doing like you know there's a man who is on something and no meditation to me is taking a mindful moment to have a conversation with yourself whether that's how your day went how your week went how your month went how your year 
velofel benefits of times I do this especially when times are tough is you have a meditation of gratitude which almost becomes like a mantra because I think it's important especially in this day and age with social media and smartphones and interact Internet and all of that that we you know we certainly become disconnected you know and we've also become so pressured whether we know it or not about this instantaneous gratification success accomplishment results whatever you want to call it and it's self-imposed pressure and in and through that self-imposed pressure we we overlook the things that in my opinion are the most meaningful our loved ones health and you know a air in our lungs and a heartbeat in our bodies a clear 

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