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VLC and movie player broken and few other issues
06-08-2018, 01:16 PM,
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VLC and movie player broken and few other issues

I just gave this new LMDE 64bit a try. Clean install to a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop. The first problem hit me was the "cannot find root" during install. A quick google and couple of mouse click later, everything went through.But I then went on to test media play back, install a few my "must have". The real problem started. 1. Media playback is broken, only player works is the GONME MPlayer. For example playback qt files is only possible in GONME MPlayer. I searched this topic, it seems it is a problem that I may have to give up VLC. I assume other players are the same. It is really shame since I always use VLC. Is there any fix out there? VLC cannot even auto open removable media (eg. CD/DVD) now, it can no longer find the correction location (manually point to the location works). 2. K9copy cannot be started from the menu, It is listed after installing, but the only way I can start it is to open a terminal. Did I miss something? 3. Soundkonverter no longer work either. start it will throw a message says some files cannot be decoded (affected file %25i), and when I try to convert flac to mp3 (for a test), soundkonverter just crashed out.
So far above are the major issues. I haven't tested K3b and a few other yet, I have a bad feeling I will find more problem with media and KDE related software.

Please help

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Thank you

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