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Ukrainian airplane crashes near Iran's capital
01-08-2020, 10:54 AM,
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Ukrainian airplane crashes near Iran's capital
But almost half of the roughly 1,300 corrections positions Online Cigarettes Store USA in three major facilities in Mississippi remain unfilled. Even with a degree, guards start around $26,000, which is around the national poverty level for a family of four.
Sixty-five percent of the state's corrections officers are women "because men don't want the jobs," said Jerry Mitchell, an investigative reporter who has looked into Mississippi's prison problems for years. 
The gangs are "in charge of where you sleep, Newport Cigarettes Shop  where you eat, how much you get to eat," Mitchell said. "I mean you have towers that are empty, you know, that used to have guards that don't have guards now. And what do you do?"
State officials admit the gangs are a problem, but deny they're out of control. At Parchman, state police were working 12-hour shifts inside. Some said they're needed because many regular corrections officers stopped showing up for work because it's too dangerous. The Philippine government said Wednesday that it has ordered the mandatory evacuation of Filipino workers from Iraq and the coast guard said it is sending a vessel to the Middle East to ferry its citizens to safety in case hostilities between the United States and Iran worsen.

The Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila said the government Cheap Newport 100s cigarettes  has raised the alert level in Iraq to the highest level, requiring Filipinos to leave the country due to escalating security risks. Filipinos can leave on their own or escorted out with the help of their employers or the Philippine government.

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