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12-20-2014, 09:38 PM,
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Hey guys. This is for professional php programmers having much experiences in adnetworks , Curl, Mysql database and PHP OOP.

My website is for mobile users,is not a adnetwork but sms sharing,wapftp,mobile file hosting. I have adnetworks php and js files(such as $ad_source= (.*).php : inmobi.php , vserv.php , adtwirl.php , adtwirl.js , buzzcity.php , adfonic.php , mobpartner.php , ucweb-union.php ) . I would like to serve their ads banner in my sites and serve their ads as follow: if $ad_type is text, print <a href="http://mysite.tld/serve_ads?ad_source=$name&ad_type=$ad_type">$ad_title</a> ; if $ad_type is banner, print <a href="http://mysite.tld/serve_ads/click?ad_source=$ad_source&ad_type=banner&ad_title=$ad_title"><img src="http://mysite.tld/imgs/ads/$img_name">$ad_title</a>.
For short,i need a php class to add their ads details in my database first,then retrieve and serve them just as and do! Please do help me.

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