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Tutorial SEO - part - 1
12-24-2016, 08:45 PM
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Tutorial SEO - part - 1
if you want to be a self employed, but there is no better way than online. If you want to do something more active SEO and will be Know. Because, say, or do you know the best songs. Now you can only succeed when others know that you know better songs.

Heart Are you bangali ? - Read Here In Bangla

Yes, for those of you familiar with all of the different musical part of the program will be. Then everyone will know that you know better songs.

So if you want to be in the sabalambi ekhana madhamei the Internet you have to tell everyone what you can, what you know or have your web site.

? SEO = Search Engine Optimazation. If you built a site that is informative and a lot of that is expected to receive thousands of visitors, but not getting it. ??
Because there is still an important task left is to give visitors to your site to thousands of search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) What?

Puthibite many of the most famous search engine such as Google, Yahoo Then, Bing ityadikeu then maybe you want to learn HTML in Bengal, he "HTML Tutorial" to Google search by typing in Bengal, HTML tutorials, maybe because he knows that there is no oyebasaitare address.
Now suppose you have a website where you got Bengal HTML tutorial "HTML Tutorial" in the Google search by typing in the first linkatai the first page of your site, then the user can be sure that the "HTML Tutorial" He was trying to find your site on the go. Google first showed that one of these sites, but there are many tutorials on HTML Bengal sites, blogs, forums, etc. despite, that some of the tactics that were on the site before he showed the technique is known as search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) are mainly two types:

1ana pages (that is, as the site is within the title tag, content, keywords, etc. to be relevant)

2apha pages (which are outside the site, such as blogs, forum postings)
OnPage SEO tutorials before, and this tutorial will discuss the SEO aphapeja.

Organic search engine optimization is just ? (Organic SEO) is the tutorial, paid search engine optimization (Paid SEO) is not.

Paid search engine optimization: Sometimes you will see when you search in Google search results or on the right of different colors (usually light brown) contains links to some (given that the related search words) eguli means for Google to pay has been paid link types apatimaijesanake paid SEO (paid SEO) said.

Organic search engine optimization: Typically, the links are displayed on the search results page of Google means that they are not highlighted with a particular color of linkaei apatimaijesanake Organic Organic SEO (Organic SEO) said. Elagaridamika SEO and say it.

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