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Try To Wash Hairs Daily
10-14-2019, 05:54 PM,
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Try To Wash Hairs Daily
To take full advantage of its potential, the olive oil must be heated for one minute . We must incorporate a tablespoon of ground rosemary and then let it brown for 48 hours. After that time we will apply on roots and tips for 20 minutes and remove it with shampoo. Historically, the egg has been a fantastic product for our hair. To achieve our goal we can make an egg mask , something very easy and with excellent results. We will beat an egg and incorporate a well crushed banana until a homogeneous mixture is achieved. Try To Wash Hairs Daily

We will apply it to our hair and let it act for about 20 minutes . Afterwards, we will rinse with warm water, apply our usual shampoo and a good conditioner. Green Tea We have all heard on many occasions the great benefits that green tea has. It is of great help to our health and also that of our hair. Thanks to the great supply of nutrients it has, our hair can grow fast. In addition, it helps prevent its fall , which makes it so important. To do this, you have to drink a cup of green tea every morning for a month . It won't take long to see the excellent results. Water with lemon Water with lemon is a very powerful natural product. Stimulates growth because it manages to regulate the fat that clogs the hair follicles.

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