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Tropicana Field that he wouldn't have benched
01-22-2019, 10:45 AM,
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Tropicana Field that he wouldn't have benched
Throughout Enrique Hernandez's nine-pitch battle with Price , Machado appeared to be relaying signs and/or location to Hernandez through an exaggerated series of motions.As Price was coming set, Machado, leading off from second, would place his hands on his hips. Then, just before each pitch, Machado would begin a series of motions: touching his helmet with either his right or left hand, sometimes then touching or pulling thescript on his jersey afterward and other times grabbing or touching the thigh/groin area of his pants.As the at-bat unfolded, LeVangie remained in the dugout while Price fell behind Hernandez 2-1 and then 3-2 before鈥攆ollowing three foul balls鈥攖hrowing a 93 mph fastball that Hernandez swung through for strike three."Was it a little exaggerated? Yeah, maybe, but I saw the whole thing," LeVangie said of Machado's gyrations. "I had told [Boston manager] Alex [Cora] I wanted to go [to the mound] before the Puig at-bat because I wanted to talk about some things."But when a guy gets a big punchout in that situation and a coach comes out to take a visit...I didn't want to f--k with the momentum there because David got a huge strikeout."Plus, catcher Christian Vazquez had taken a mound visit already in the inning, trotting out for a chat with Price after Machado's base hit to put two runners aboard with none out. LeVangie was worried about slowing Price after the lefty's good start to the game, so he stayed put.Then, there were two out and runners on first and second, and the score was 1-1.From second, Machado gestured again. Puig swung at the first pitch he saw, a 93 mph fastball, knocking an RBI single into center to give the Dodgers their first鈥攁nd only鈥攍ead of the series. It was Machado who scored."David makes a good pitch on Puig Bradley Zimmer Jersey ,"LeVangiesaid."He jams him. [Puig] gets a flare. Then I gotta go out. But I talked to him with some small things after that, and he got out of that inning."I had a clear point I wanted to [make] after that at-bat because I saw Manny the entire time. I knew what he was doing."Charles Krupa/Associated PressAngry with himself because he felt his decision to delay the visit cost the Red Sox, LeVangie went out after Puig's RBI single to talk with Price and Vazquez, clearly to discuss what was occurring behind Price at second base and to change signs."We had a conversation," LeVangie said. "I don't want to get into the depths of it, but I brought up exactly what you're talking about."I let it get in my way鈥攂ecause of the strikeout, I didn't go out there [earlier]. I was so pissed that I didn't."Price had not allowed a hit in the first three innings of Game 2, and after he escaped the fourth, he threw two more hitless frames. While it is unclear whether Price knew what was occurring behind him during the Hernandez and Puig at-bats in the fourth, LeVangie was doing his best to properly time his interruption."I just told him, 'Hear me out. I know this is not the right time, but hear me out,'" LeVangie said.Cora declined comment to B/R on Thursday at Dodger Stadium when asked about the dugout conversation with LeVangie in the moment and for his take on the episode overall."I don't have a take," Cora said following an off-day media briefing.Vazquez, Price and Machado were not available for comment because neither team worked out at Dodger Stadium following all-day travel.Elise Amendola/Associated PressStealing signs has been around practically since baseball was invented鈥攐r, as MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said Wednesday in Boston, "It's been a part of our game since Lassie was a puppy."It's become a hot topic this October because of various accusations of video shenanigans in the digital age that would violate baseball rules if true and because so much video scouting leaves pitchers vulnerable to tipping their pitches and offering hitters strong clues as to what is coming. Boston closer Craig Kimbrel has had a rough October stretchbecause of the latter.Machado, meanwhile, has been in the headlines after being called a "dirty player" by Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Christian Yelich during the NLCS and after he told Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal that hustling isn't "my cup of tea" and that he is not "Johnny Hustle" after being called out for not running hard on various plays this season.Being caught apparently relaying signs to Dodgers hitters from second base is nowhere close to the dirty-player charges , LeVangie emphasized."Oh, it's clean," the pitching coach said. "It's baseball. If you're not hiding your stuff with a runner on second base and you're giving them a free view, that's on you, the pitcher and the catcher. It's up to the pitcher and catcher to manage that and to us to oversee it and make sure we're going about it the right way."We see this all the time. Not just him, with everyone. We are very respectful of all this, and it's a big part of who we are and what we try to manage. As far as our pitching staff, we want to make sure we control those guys at second base and [that] they're not stealing our signs. We're changing our signs constantly, every pitch. Typically, every one of our pitchers will change every pitch."If you're wondering why the average time of a postseason game is stretching to nearly four hours, this is one small example. You can never be too careful.From second base the other night, though, because Machado was almost flamboyant in what he appeared to be doing, it didn't take a professional detective to sniff out that one.Asked whether he had seen anything as obvious recently, LeVangie chuckled and said "yes.""I've seen worse in Little League a few years ago," he said. "It was a Little League World Series game I saw on television. It was extremely obvious." Scott Miller covers Major League Baseball as a national columnist for Bleacher Report. Follow Scotton Twitterand talk baseball. Mike Ehrmann/Getty ImagesThe New York Yankees have a Gary Sanchez problem that goes far beyond a strained groin and far beyond a game that might not have been lost with a little more effort from their 25-year-old catcher.This isn't about a game in July. It's about games in October, and whether the Yankees can win a championship with him behind the plate."No way they can win in the playoffs with Sanchez catching," one National League scout said Tuesday.I'm not sure I buy that, because Sanchez was the starting catcher for 12 of the 13 games the Yankees played last October Erik Gonzalez Jersey , when they took the Houston Astros to Game 7 of the American League Championship Series. They're 35-18 in the 53 games he has started behind the plate this season, which is better than their record in games when he hasn't been the starting catcher (28-17 entering play Tuesday).I do buy that Sanchez's continuing defensive struggles and his issues with concentration and hustle have presented Yankees manager Aaron Boone with the first big issue to solve in what has been an ultra-smooth first season in charge.It's easy to jump on Sanchez this week, because the two lack-of-hustle plays in Monday's 7-6 Yankees loss to the Tampa Bay Rays were so inexcusable鈥攅ven after finding out Sanchez was dealing with the groin issue that sent him back to the disabled list Tuesday. Sanchez allowed a run to score from second base when he didn't move fast enough to recover a passed ball (his 10th of the season, tied for most in the majors). And he was retired at first base for the game's final out, on a play in which the Rays first tried unsuccessfully to get Aaron Hicks at second base.It's easy to jump on Sanchez this year, because his .188 batting average (down from .278 last year) and .699 OPS (down from .876) have made it harder to overlook the transgressions in other parts of his game.It's easy to jump on Sanchez, because on his way through the Yankees farm system he sometimes had similar issues, with the Yankees using benchings, suspensions and "timeouts" to convince him he had to grow up. And because some of the same issues they tried to correct then鈥攃oncentration lapses and poor receiving technique鈥攈ave been so evident this season."What you're seeing now is what we all saw in the minor leagues before 2015," an American League scout said.Sanchez went back on the disabled list Tuesday, but his play remains a major concern for the Yankees.Mike Ehrmann/Getty ImagesThe Yankees stuck with Sanchez then, believing his strong right arm and powerful bat would make him worth the effort. It helped that despite the benchings and suspensions, Sanchez never had a reputation as a bad kid, just as one who needed to mature.Two years ago, it seemed they were right to wait. Sanchez came to the big leagues and hit 20 home runs in just 53 games, including 11 in one stunning 15-game stretch in August.It was easy to love Sanchez in 2016. When I did a story on him that September, I quoted a scout who pointed to Monument Park and said, "That's where he could end up."Then came 2017, when on the one hand Sanchez became just the second catcher born in the Dominican Republic to make an All-Star team (Tony Pena was the first). On the other hand , his defense was enough of an issue that then-Yankees manager Joe Girardi publicly scolded him and even benched him for a game in August.Boone has been more publicly supportive, to the point of telling reporters Tuesday at Tropicana Field that he wouldn't have benched Sanchez for Monday's transgressions. Sanchez didn't play Tuesday, but only because he went back on the disabled list with the recurrence of the groin injury that had already sidelined him for 20 games before he returned over the weekend.To his credit, Sanchez didn't blame his lack of hustle on the sore groin, which he said he felt tighten up on the first-inning passed ball."An injury is never an excuse," Sanchez said, according to George A. King III of the New York Post. "If I'm on the field, I'm good to play. My answer is the same [as Monday]: I could have done a better job."Sanchez hasnt hit as well this year as Judge, but his 14 home runs are tied for first among major league catchers.Paul Bereswill/Getty ImagesEven that wasn't enough for many Yankees fans, or for rival scouts who have grown tired of watching Sanchez mess up over the years."He always owns up to it," one American League scout said. "But then it happens again."Even so, that same scout said, "I'd still take the bat."Four scouts interviewed Tuesday about Sanchez were unanimous in still believing in Sanchez's offensive potential. Some speculated his struggles have come from trying to pull the ball too often, while others wondered whether his problems on defense evolved into a confidence issue that has hurt his offense as well.All agreed the Sanchez problem is a challenging one for the Yankees. Their other young players cause them little concern, with Aaron Judge one of the most respected players in the game and Gleyber Torres fitting in seamlessly after a late-April promotion from the minor leagues.Sanchez is the one who complicates things. He always has been.When it was that way in the minor leagues, the Yankees decided it was worth the aggravation he caused to find out how good a player he could become. They may well decide that again, but after what happened Monday, it's a question they once again must answer. Danny Knobler covers Major League Baseball as a national columnist for Bleacher Report.Follow Danny on Twitter and talk baseball.
03-06-2019, 07:55 PM,
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RE: Tropicana Field that he wouldn't have benched
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